"Davidís association with trampolining has been long and distinguished.  He perhaps ranked in the top 6-10 in Britain as a performer in the late 60ís.  He then turned to coaching and was associated with the meteoric rise of Metro Gateshead Trampoline Club in the mid & late 70ís.  Also in the 70ís, he became a National Squad Coach, a member of Central Council and associated with FIT activity, which he continued until his death.  His international involvement included being on the FIT Technical Committee from 1978, including being itís President for 4 years.  In 1998, he was elected a member of the FIG Trampoline Commission.


From 1979-89 David lived in Sheffield and there further developed his work for the BTF as an Examiner and Tutor and became one of the 4 original BTF Staff Coaches.  He returned to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1989.


David was ever enquiring of the technical demands of jumping and the technical developments of the sport.  He will be remembered for his innovative work in the sport on the technology front, as well as for original ideas on many aspects of our sports.  He will also be remembered for his agile mind, willingness to engage in serious and informed discussion, as being a hard worker, and showing kindness to many, many people."


David Pickup, July 1999