Below are some trivia questions and answers for your amusement and information.  More will be added to this page as time permits, please stop by regularly for an update


1 Q

Who was the only person in the 1998 Trampoline World Age Group Games to compete on all four disciplines (tramp individual, tramp synchronised double mini tramp & tumbling)


Gary Smith Jumpers Trampoline Club, Gillingham Kent



2 Q

How many Individual world trampoline champions has Great Britain produced.


Paul Luxon (77), Stuart Mathews (80), Carl Furrer (82) & Sue Challis nee Shotton (84)



3 Q

Where (which city & country) and in what year did trampolining appear in the Olympic games as a full participating sport.


2000 in Sydney Australia



3 Q

What year was trampolining introduced to Great Britain   1949, 1965, 1971


1949 by Ted Blake on behalf of NISSEN USA



4 Q

When was the British Trampoline Federation first set up 1960, 1963, 1965, 1969





5 Q

What year did trampolining first get recognised as an Olympic sport  1980, 1988, 1998, 2000


1988 recognition was obtained, but trampolining was held out until enough member countries could be found.  Each time the requirement was met, the limit had been increased.



6 Q Who is the current National Governing Body for Trampolining?
  A British Gymnastics
7 Q Does Trampolining provide for all levels, all abilities, gender and age?
    Yes, There is a comprehensive programme of activity for all level including those with disabilities for member clubs
8 Q