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TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 11        December 2001

Editor: John D Beeton:


John D Beeton








2001 has been an extremely busy one for the sport of trampolining. A number of changes took place within the NTTC at the March elections, with Martin Laws joining the committee as DMT representative, and at his first meeting, finding himself also elected as acting Chair! Sue Lawton replaced Bob Richardson, whilst both Peter Heames and Bert Scales decided not to seek re-election on this occasion. Jack Kelly was co-opted to the NTTC, looking after Coaching, whilst Donna Grist found herself being approached to act as Minute Secretary.


It is inevitable that changes sometimes occur, that are not quite as one would expect. However, present members of the NTTC are building on that which was left by their predecessors, to the benefit of the sport as a whole, and in a number of departments, making lots of improvements. Members can be assured that their affairs are being well looked after.


The past twelve months have also seen many honours coming to British Gymnastics, and especially in the sport of  Trampolining. Who can forget Claire Wright’s individual bronze medal at the World Championships, as well as our ladies team bronze at the same event; or the silver medal won by Claire and Kirsten Lawton in Akita JPN on the occasion of the World Games.  Our younger members also had their successes at the Sydney Youth Olympics at the start of the year, as well as the World Age-Group Games, which followed the world championships in Odense DEN, and they ended their competitive year with a sound victory over the German Federation in their annual youth match. There were victories also in the 4 x Countries, as well as the 4 x Nation international matches during the year.


Although the men did not return home with medals from any of the major events during the year, they nevertheless excelled themselves in the world championships by featuring in both team and synchronized finals, as well as Paul Smyth and Lee Brearley qualifying for the World Games Synchronised Final. Lee then had a marvelous Goodwill Games immediately following on from Akita, and this must have boosted his confidence no end. 

In the present World Cup series British names appear in the points table in both individual and synchronized events, which  gives  us an excellent opportunity for reaching the Finals of the series in November 2002 – see additional reports.


DMT is now a well-structured discipline within British Gymnastics. Hopefully, we will be entering the first official representative Great Britain DMT team in an international meeting, the Frivolten Cup SWE during May 2002, followed by DMT representation, in the annual Youth match against Germany in September. If all goes according to plan we will then have DMT entries in both the UEG Youth and Senior Championships later in the same year. 


On the domestic front, DMT will feature alongside the two planned Synchronised competitions during the coming year, the mid-season and National Championships.


It goes without saying that the success of our national squad members has surpassed all of our expectations this year. The efforts of the athletes and their personal coaches, coupled with the work of the national squad coaches, were tremendous. All deserve our grateful thanks.


Our grateful thanks also to Sharon Wood, whilst acting as a national youth squad coach, she also takes care of  the national squad requirements throughout the year, from the booking of the venues and the accommodation, to wiping away the tears! Thank you Sharon for all you have done over the past twelve months.


Our Competition, Coaching and Judging sub-committees have been working hard throughout the year on our behalf, and it is pleasing to note how successful our domestic competition programme has been, working under the chair of Sue Lawton. Likewise, the success of the International Trampoline Brevet Course, held at Lillieshall earlier in the year, was a great success, thanks, in the main to the efforts of Mike Phillipson and Peter Heames.


The future for our sport looks good under British Gymnastics, and with the co-operation of all trampolinists, we will most certainly go from strength to strength.



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The International Olympic Committee, at their Executive Board Meeting, in Lausanne 18-20 September last, issued the following communiquι, with regard to Gymnastic quotas for Athens 2004:


Faced with increasing numbers of athletes and events over recent Olympic Games, with 10.960 accredited athletes in 300 events in Sydney 2000, the following elements were identified as the key priorities in establishing the Olympic Programme for Athens 2004:


-          establishing the total number of athletes

-          maintaining the current number of events

-          establishing athlete quotas in each sport

-          increasing female participation within identified frameworks


The IOC feels that these objectives have been met in the decisions confirmed by the IOC Executive Board at its meetings this week. For the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, there will be a total number of approximately 10.500 athletes, the level of approximately 300 being maintained.


In order to reach a maximum number of 10500 athletes, it was necessary to strictly control the athlete quotas in all sports, and in fact, make a quota reduction in several sports. It was very difficult to allow quota increases within this framework.


Therefore, the IOC Executive Board did not support the requested increase in the number of groups within Rhythmic Gymnastics. However, the IOC is pleased to confirm that in the interest of strengthening the depth of competition in the Olympic Trampoline events, an increase of a total of 8 athletes has been granted.


As there has been no change to Artistic Gymnastics, the IOC confirms that the quota for Trampoline shall increase from 24 to 32, with the resulting increase in the overall gymnastics quota from 304 to 312, and the programme of gymnastics will be maintained for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.


Furthermore, the IOC informs that the drafted *gymnastics  qualification system for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games must be sent to the IOC by the end of October 2001, to be decided by the IOC Executive Board in December 2001, so that detailed qualification system texts will be sent to the NOC’s in March 2002.


*The qualification system agreed by the FIG and IOC for trampoline will be known soon, and hopefully to the satisfaction of all member federations. Ed.



Where finances permit, the NTTC intend entering teams in the following international competitions during the current financial year (October 01-September 02):


18-21 Oct 01: *FIG World Cup, Espinho POR

25-28 Oct 01: *FIG World Cup, St Petersburg RUS

21-24 Feb 02:   FIG World Cup, Nykolayev UKR

05-07 Apr 02:   4 x Countries, Copenhagen DEN

09-11 May 02: +Frivolten Cup, Herrljunga SWE

01-02 May 02:  4 x Nations, Cardiff GBR

16-18 Aug 02:  FIG World Cup CAN

23-25 Aug 02:  FIG World Cup, Greensboro USA

20-23 Sep 02:   GER vGBR Youth Match, Osnabruck GER


*already participated




The WAGA office has recently moved to the following address:


140 North Road


Cardiff CF14 3BH

Tel: 029 2062 4321

Fax: 029 2062 6123



All change….. as from 1st January 2002 the Welsh will be employing a slightly different grading system in their domestic competition – Grade 6 will be called Novice and Grade 5 will be called Intermediate.


Intermediate and Novice routines remain the same as the old Grade 5 and 6. The Intermediate and Novice competition will run alongside the usual Grade 3-4 competitions.





These will be held in the City of St Petersburg RUS under the auspices of the Union European de Gymnastique, during the period 9th to 17th November 2002.


The Youth championships will be held on the 11th and 12th with the Senior event on the 14th to 16th.


Departure is scheduled for the 17th.



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World Age-Group Games – notification of the bronze medal won by Roxy Milliner and Laura Williams, in the 11/12 girls synchro event, was  inadvertently left out of the results of the WAGs, which appeared in Trampoline News No 10. Sincere apologies girls. Ed


Competition Results – competition organisers are requested to send copies of results to Bill Freeman for distribution. After certification, copies will then be sent to Craig Bellis for posting on the Jumpers web site.




GERMAN YOUTH: 1482.40 pts


This was a convincing victory for our brilliant Youth team members, in their annual international match against Germany. Brilliant, because that is what each and every one of them were, with scarcely an error in all 60 routines. They worked as a team and it was evident that a great deal of hard work had been put in with their preparation for this match, and they can be justly proud of their victory.


Results were:


Under 15 girls – GBR 384.80 pts GER 362.50 pts

Under 15 boys – GBR 238.10 pts GER 225.70 pts

Under 18 girls – GBR 277.90 pts GER 379.10 pts

Under 18 boys – GBR 393.90 pts GER 383.80 pts


GREAT BRITAIN: 1529.20 pts     GERMANY: 1482.40 pts


Top girl was Vera Nohse GER 98.70/11.4 pts

Top boy was James Higgins GBR 100.30/12.1 pts


Arrangements for the 2002 are already underway, with the date being set for 20-22 September in the town of Osnabruck. 





There is an obligation for coaches to ensure that they hold the appropriate level of qualifications in order to safeguard the participants, and to fulfill insurance criteria.  Coaches have a care of duty towards their performers and have a responsibility to ensure that they are both qualified and competent to teach at the appropriate level. The coach also has a duty to ensure that the participant is adequately prepared for the event.


The practice of supervising participants in the event, who are working above the level of the coach’s qualification,  cannot be condoned.

The onus is on the club and the coaches to ensure that, when entering participants for a British Gymnastics event, that the coaches attending to the participants are qualified.


Where it has been identified that the criteria above have not been fulfilled, sanctions or disciplinary procedures, may be implemented accordingly.



Scottish News


Ten member clubs were represented when the Scottish Gymnastics Trampoline Technical Panel (TTP) held their elections, in the Bell’s Sports Centre, Perth, on Saturday 6th October 2001.


No changes were made to the composition of the TTP, with the following being re-elected:


Chairperson - Janice Grubb

Secretary - John D Beeton

Treasurer - Ron Brooks
Judging - John Morrison

Coaching - Mike McGhee

Competitions - Patricia Morrison

Performance & Excellence – Bruce Craig





Kirsten Lawton returned to the UK from the back-to-back world cup events in Portugal and Russia with a haul of Gold, Silver Bronze medals.


The Silver medal came in the Portuguese event, in a head to head with Irina Karavaeva RUS in the Knockout Final. At the same competition, partnered by Claire Wright, she also won a Bronze medal in the synchronised final. The following week, both girls went one better, taking a very deserved Gold medal in the Russian event.  


Not to be outdone by her trampoline team mates, Kathryn Peberdy, from the Tumbling fraternity, added to her years medal tally, with Silver in Portugal and Bronze in Russia.


This has really been a brilliant year for both our trampolinists and tumblers and each and every one of our team members are to be congratulated on their efforts in all of the major events held throughout the year.


A full list of British successes can be found elsewhere

in this edition of Trampoline News.



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Martin Laws


It is with great pleasure that I write this report in the closing stages of our year. The efforts of the DMT sub committee should be acknowledged. I am very impressed with the way DMT has been adopted across the country and would recommend further enhancement of the programme, as interest increases.



DMT Development Plan released in April 2001 through to April 2002.



KPI Target – 4 meetings in 12 months, full attendance, news sheet 4 per year, full reports to NTTC.

Actual – 1 meeting (July) full attendance, 1 x news sheet released, NTTC reports up to date.



KPI Target – 3 competitions, preferably in three different regions, minimum entries of 50.

Actual – Welsh mid season synchronised 91 entries, Nationals 143 entries, Kent Reliance competitions 17 entries. NOTE: the Competition sub committee have adopted DMT into the programme for 2002.



KPI Target – to increase the number of coaches and clubs known to operate DMT.

Actual – 10 of the 13 regions now have qualified coaches. Missing regions NITA, Yorkshire and West Midlands. 41 clubs have registered interest in DMT. 24 now have qualified coaches.



KPI Target – develop course material and courses, number of coaches, tutors, examiners, mentors.

Actual – full syllabus written and approved. First two levels developed and running. HPC and IPC pending – to be completed 1st quarter of 2002. 42 coaches, 6 HPC (pending) 18 SCC, 20 CC. 24 clubs now have qualified coaches across 10 regions. 5 Course Directors/Examiners operational, 1 Mentor, 1 potential tutor. Courses planned for Eastern, Southwest and Wales region during the next quarter. HPC Course in process of writing. IPC to follow.



KPI Target – 1 national course 2001, 2 in 2002, develop tutors and examiners. Identify potential tutors. International targets:- existing numbers (11) felt sufficient, but to get levels 1@1. 1@2, 9@3.

Actual – 21 judges (11 National, 10 International (1@1, 1@2, 8@3)) 10 tutors identified, two potential. One national course held


KPI Target – national squads to match the trampoline programme; international events.

Actual – DMT and trampoline accepted in the same programme. No progress to date on squad coaches or squad development and integration. DMT introduced a talent monitoring programme and had considerable success at the World Age-Group Games 2001. Funding has been made available for 1 senior competition, plus the inclusion of DMT in the Annual Youth Match versus Germany 2002.



Cathy Page MBE


Prior to going to print, the Editor received the following news item concerning Cathy Page, which I am certain she will not mind having reproduced in the pages of Trampoline News Ed.


“Most of us are aware by now of Cathy Page’s honour in receiving an  MBE in Her Majesty’s Birthday Honours List last June.


Cathy went to the Palace on Tuesday 27th November to receive her MBE. Of course, this entailed “picking an outfit” which, for Cathy, would have been simple, but everyone told her she wasn’t to go in tracksuit!


First, her family insisted on going through her wardrobe, but could not find anything under 20 years old! However, during the search of her wardrobe, Cathy found a nice skirt she hadn’t remembered wearing for at least 15 years, but then she did not have a top to match!


After a number of family rows, she was taken shopping by her sister. One can imagine the scene as outfit after outfit was tried and discarded by Cathy, as being too expensive, or too flashy. Finally, she was persuaded to purchase something that she did not really want.


Next day, on her way to the shop to return the unwanted item……she found just what she was looking for. Her family were happy, Cathy was happy – all was now okay, and Cathy ready for the big day. The outfit, her mauve velvet skirt, her judging shoes (no sandals allowed) and wait for it……a £2.95 top she had found in an Oxfam shop!


Don’t change Cathy, we love you as you are!





The NTTC look forward to seeing all members of the

Trampoline fraternity at Lillieshall for the above

Technical Assembly on 25th and 26th Jan 02 Ed.


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After three events in trampoline and two events in tumbling, in the current world cup series, the points table in each discipline is as follows:


Ladies Individual Trampoline



01 Irina KARAVAEVA RUS – 36 points

02 Olena MOVCHAN UKR – 26 points

03 Natalia TCHERNOVA RUS – 21 points

04 Kirsten LAWTON GBR – 17 points

05 Claire WRIGHT GBR – 12 points


07 Galina LEBEDEVA BLR – 10 points

08 Karen COCKBURN CAN – 8 points

09 Tatiana PETRENIA BLR – 5 points

10 Heather ROSS-McMANUS CAN – 3 points

11 Tina LUDWIG GER – 2 points


Ladies Synchronised Trampoline



01 Movchan/Tsjguleva UKR – 32 points

02 Wright/Lawton GBR – 26 points

03 Subbocheva/Padesenko BLR – 18 points

04 Dogonadze-Likendey/Ludwig GER – 10 points

05 Petrenia/Lebedeva BLR – 10 points

06 Karavaeva/Tchernova RUS – 9 points

07 Ferreira/Costa POR – 8 points

08 Perreten/Monin FRA – 8 points

09 Erl/Calefice GER – 6 points

10 Saito/Tokuma JPN – 5 points

11 Martonova/Prokesova SVK – 4 points

12 HSU/Lenders NED – 4 points

13 Casey/McManus CAN – 3 points

14 Ludwig/Calefice GER – 3 points

15 Tokuma/Furu JPN – 2 points


Men’s Individual Trampoline



01 German KHNYTCHEV RUS – 30 points

02 Alexandre MOSKALENKO RUS – 16 points

03 Nikolai KAZAK BLR – 15 points

04 Markus KUBICKA GER – 12 points

05 Alexandre ROUSSAKOV RUS – 12 points

06 Peter JENSEN DEN – 10 points

07 Vladimir KAKORKO BLR – 9 points

08 Guillaume BURGEON FRA – 8 points

09 David MARTIN FRA – 8 points

10 Alan VILLAFUERTE NED – 7 points

11 Henrik STEHLIK GER – 6 points

12 Mathieu TURGEON CAN – 5 points

13 Juriy NIKITIN UKR – 5 points

14 Sebastien LAIFA FRA – 3 points

15 Flavio CANONE ITA – 3 points

16 Mickael JALA FRA – 2 points


Men’s Synchronised Trampoline



01 Laifa/Jala FRA – 22 points

02 Moskalenko/Khnytchev RUS – 15 points

03 Kakorko/Kazak BLR – 13 points

04 Villafuerte/Mooij NED – 13 points

05 Kawanishio/Nakata JPN – 12 points

06 Alexander/Milnes GBR – 12 points

07 Sejeroc/Jensen DEN – 10 points

08 Iordanov/Chernonos UKR – 10 points

09 Ueyama/Hitomi JPN – 10 points

10 Bojakowski/Pilch POL – 8 points

11 Turgeon/Mitruk CAN – 6 points

12 Kubicka/Stehlik GER – 5 points

13 Khnytchev/Iachev RUS – 4 points

14 Reithofer/Serth GER – 3 points

15 Neves/Merino POR – 3 points

16 Brearley/Smyth GBR – 2 points


Ladies Tumbling



01 Anna KOROBEINIKOVA RUS – 22 points

02 Kathryn PEBERDY GBR – 18 points

03 Olena CHABANENKO UKR – 12 points

04 Sevim TEMEL FRA – 11 points

05 Melanie AVISSE FRA – 10 points

06 Anna Tsiarena BLR – 6 points

07 Na DE WIN – BEL – 5 points

08 Ekaterina KUZENKOVA BLR – 4 points

09 Olena DRIBNA UKR – 3 points


Men’s Tumbling



01 Denis SERDIOKOV RUS – 24 points

02 Nicolas FOURNIALS FRA – 11 points

03 Alexandre SKORODOUMOV RUS – 10 points

04 Alexei BATIENKO RUS – 10 points

05 Eon VAN ZYL RSA – 9 points

06 Alexandre DECHANET FRA – 9 points

07 Ross GIBSON GBR – 8 points

08 Andrey DUKHNO KAZ – 8 points

09 Tseko MOGOTSI RSA – 6 points

10 Nuno FERNANDES POR – 3 points

11 Frederic CELINI BEL – 2 points





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