BRITISH GYMNASTICS: Trampoline Technical Committee


TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 19   April 2003

Editor: John D Beeton:




Martin Laws

Spring into Action

I wrote in the last issue about how important it was that we now become fully engaged with our new partners in Gymnastics.

I am gratified that many regions have already begun the process. Biz Scales now Chairs Southern Gymnastics and many other officers are gaining places in more than just Trampoline roles all across the country. I am encouraged that the days of Trampolinists trying to evade contact with Gymnastics are coming to an end. Likewise, John Beeton of the NTTC. and of this Newssheet fame, bid for one of the most senior roles in British Gymnastics, that of Deputy President Financial, and was warmly welcomed by many other disciplines as a step in the right direction.

I was at the House of Commons the day war with Iraq broke out (not a sensible place to be I know) in a meeting with the Minister of Sport amongst other MP’s. The message was clear; sport all across the UK is changing. Investment is growing, interest is heightening, but demands are also increasing. Even war had not dampened MP’s enthusiasm for sport and what it can deliver in Health, Social and Educational terms. Sport England is going through a major reshuffle and redirection. Funding is now going in two directions, National Governing Bodies and Community Sport.  Sport England are reviewing all current programmes and funding and are intending to focus on 16-20 of our most successful sports only, and I am convinced that the other Home Nations will follow shortly.

If we are to benefit from this refocus, it is important that we are seen to be professional, skilled and successful. Under our new structures, I believe this is more than possible. We have  top Coaching, Performance and Educationalists amongst our numbers and we need to now show our skills.

I would advise all clubs to swiftly review their structure and policies internally to accommodate the new GymMark for clubs. This award tells the world that we are geared up, professional and waiting to meet the new challenges set by the Government. Failure to achieve this goal will be failing our competitors, mums, grannies and the sport as a whole. I believe in Trampolinists  and their skills,  and I am convinced our sport

will soon be gaining the recognition  it deserves.  However,  we

will need to reach out and grasp the fruits. If we wait for them to fall into our hands, several may have already gone to those who can reach higher!


Cathy Page

The Tutor Training Induction Day is re-scheduled to 12/13 April 03.  It should be noted that the Session for examiners is to be held on the second day – for those who do not wish to tutor. Cost for the weekend: £40.

Invigilation Fee - £6 per hour to be paid for invigilator at theory examination. Persons eligible to invigilate are higher-level coaches.

One Course per Year – in future, coaches will only be able to take one exam each year at Senior Club and above levels.i.e. they may only take the Senior Club Coach exam after at least one year following passing the Club Coach. However, they may attend the course at the higher level, but may not sit the exam until the year has passed.

Somersault Supports – it is now obligatory that for somersault support, a waist support should be used prior to weaning off support. I.E. you may continue to use hand-to-hand support in the initial stages of teaching somersaults, but prior to somersault alone, pupils should have had experience of waist support, freeing up their arms for use in take off.

Senior Club and HPC Exam – there will be an exam for Senior Club Coach and High Performance Coach at Cardiff on June 21st -  Examiners: Tony James and Cathy Page.

Code of Practice – the Code of Practice was revised in 2000. It was again reviewed in March of this year and will shortly be produced. All coaches should have a copy of the current Code of Practice. The new one will be available from BG Coach Education Department in May.

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FIG World Cup 2003-2004 series – the first world cup in the present series will be held in Paris during the month of June (12-14) of this year. Details to follow.

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Mike Phillipson

Judges selected for international events for the remainder of the current year are:

11-13 Apr: 4 x Countries (GBR FRA GER DEN) Sulzbach GER

Bruce Craig

02-05 May: Portuguese National DMT Championships Sines POR

Mike Phillipson

06-08 Jun: 4 x Nations (GBR DEN CZE GER) Aachen GER

Stephen Grist

06-08 Jun: Great Britain v Russia (Senior International Match) London GBR

John Beeton (Chair) Martin Laws, Elizabeth Scales, Bert Scales, Donna Grist, Mike Phillipson, Claire Thompson, Bruce Craig

11-14 Sep: Great Britain v Ukraine (Senior International Match) Salford GBR

Peter Heames (Chair) Stephen Grist, John Morrison, Jo Pace, John Beeton, Mike Phillipson, Kevin Dickson-Jackson, Sally Slinger

00-00 Aug: Nissen Cup SUI

Sally Slinger

26-28 Sep: Great Britain v Germany (Annual International Youth Match TRA+DMT) Hull GBR

Martin Laws (Chair) John Morrison, Bert Scales, Sally Slinger, Kevin Dickson-Jackson, Jo Pace, Elizabeth Scales

13-19 Oct: FIG World Championships Hanover GER

Martin Laws (TRA) Peter Heames (DMT)

20-26 Oct: FIG World Age-Group Games Hanover GER

Martin Laws (TRA) Peter Heames (DMT)

Apr-Dec: FIG World Cups (3)  (in order of selection)

1. Donna Grist (Reserve:- Claire Thompson)

2. Claire Thompson (Reserve:- Bruce Craig)

3. Bruce Craig (Reserve:- Donna Grist)

Great Britain is recognised as being one of the top nations in trampoline sports and their international judges as amongst the very best. The current 15 International Judges, hold the following Categories:

Category I – John Beeton

Category II – Peter Heames

Category III – Mike Phillipson, Martin Laws, Bert Scales, Elizabeth Sales, Donna Grist, Claire Thomson, Bruce Craig, Stephen Grist, Bill Leach

Category IV – Sally Slinger, John Morrison, Jo Pace, Kevin Dixon-Jackson


With thanks to Martin Laws

Ebay recently advertised the following sale item on the February Auction site:

“Framed badge of the Scottish Trampoline Association Team. Actual badge is 9.5cm x 9.5cm lavishly embroidered in gold, silver, green and purple. Stunning item.”

The bid price started at £4.99.

For those of you who missed this auction, I have a similar item that can be purchased direct for £1958.00! Ed.


All will have heard of the tragic injury suffered by Mads Serejoe DEN during the team training camp in Toronto CAN during the month of February past.

Professor Bruno Grandi, the FIG President and Member of the IOC, was deeply affected by this accident and has made his colleagues aware of the seriousness of the case, so that a contribution can be made from the FIG Solidarity Fund.


Great Britain were represented as this Bi-annual event, held in the small town of Aalsmeer NED; and famous for its (very) early morning Flower Market, by the following team members:

Officials: Martin Laws (HOD/Judge) Brian Phelps, Sharon Wood (Coaches).

Gymnasts: Natalie O’Connor, Polly Osmond, Danielle Peitruszka, Lauren Allen, Yasmin Gumbs, Gary Smith, Brian Camp, Thomas Lewis, Paul Noblett and Christopher Hall.

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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The event was used to give a number of our squad members much needed international experience and keep them honed for the extremely busy international season ahead.

A total of 293 entries was received from AUS BEL BLR CAN CZE DEN FRA GBR GER IRE NED POL POR SCO SUI SWE and USA and it is to the credit of our young team members that they obtained such high placing amongst a high number of the worlds top trampolinists.

Polly Osmond and Natalie O’Connor did really well in the ladies event by finishing in 6th and 7th places respectively in an entry of 38. Paul Noblett finished 5th in his event (42 entries) whilst Lauren Allen took a podium place (2nd) in her event, with Danielle Pietruszka (5th) and Roxy Milliner (19th) in an entry of 70. In finishing in 10th place in the men’s senior competition, Brian Camp finished in front of a number of the major players in the men’s world ranking list. Well done allEd.


The inaugural issue of GymCraft was published along with the February/March 2003 issue of GymNews, and is the Technical Newsletter for British Gymnastics and Trampolining.

In the first edition, there are articles by John Beer on The Fundamentals of Trampolining, and Jack Kelly on Trampolining – A fresh look at take-off. Both articles are extremely interesting and a must for both the Novice and Expert alike. A further two articles by Bob Cooper/Vladimir Makarchenko and Jeff Davis (the Newsletters Editor) on Acrobatics, make up the content of the first issue.

This is a long overdue, and welcome resource to coaches especially, addition to BGs publications, that I am certain will keep the membership abreast of the technical aspects of our disciplines. The number of trampoline articles in this the first edition, is, in my opinion, a demonstration of BGs commitment

Note: GymCraft is published in conjunction with GymNews, with the prime role of the magazine to be a sharing of information, ideas and techniques, with future articles envisaged from various technical experts in our various disciplines.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this first edition of GymCraft. Ed.



There has been an “entry” of 148 gymnasts seeking selection for the 80 available places (over three disciplines) under British

Gymnastics criteria for these World Age-Group Games, which are being held in Hanover, GER in October. There are only  Good luck to each and every one of them.

Trampoline: Under 13 Girls (4 places) – Adeva Bryan, Claire Stepenhill, Coral Isaac, Emma Scanlon, Imogen Gunner, Jennifer Benjamin, Katy Ianson, Natalie Gingell, Sian Meldrum.

Trampoline: Under 13 Boys (4 places) – Dominic Porter, Joseph McAdam, Kaan Hughes, Liam Abrahams, Luke Newey, Michael Dodson, Nathan Benham, Paul Warwicker, Philip Spencer, Sam Roberts, Steven Williams, Thomas Foreman.

Trampoline: Under 15 Girls (4 places) – Alice Wilcox, Amy Sims, Caitlin Thomson, Cara Jamieson, Danielle Pietruszka, Darcia George, Eleanor Benjamin, Kirsty Rogers, Laura Gallagher, Laura Williams, Nicola Dyer, Pippa Pugh, Rebecca Metcalfe, Roxy Milliner, Sarah, Stickland, Yasmin Gumbs.

Trampoline: Under 15 Boys (4 places) – Andrew Freeman, Chris Hall, Lee Edward Crowley, Luke Rendell, Mathew Wright, Michael Freeman, Rhyce O’Connor, Rhys Philip, Thomas Lewis, Tom Jones.

Trampoline: Under 17 Girls (4 places) – Aimee Sargent, Georgina Williams, Hannah Davies, Hannah Lewis, Katie Seager, Kirsty Ward, Lauren Allen, Lisa Blackburn, Lucy Ashworth, Lucy Roberts, Nikki Pugh, Stacey Dann, Stacey Tuite.

Trampoline: Under 17 Boys (4 places) – Danny Creedon, Dominic Swaffer, Jason Harvey, Jem Camble, Martin Hillman, Michael Wood, Nick Joyce, Paul Noblett, Sam Bascombe, Stephen Watts.    

Trampoline: Over 17 Girls (4 places) – Alice Brown, Amanda Parker, Asha Bayliss, Colleen Stopforth, Dominique Wilson, Hannah Kisiel, Jessica Pleasant, Katherine Driscoll, Katie Harris, Kerry Evans, Natalie Jaques, Natalie O’Connor, Polly Osmond, Rebecca Stanley, Sarah Ainsworth, Suzanne Perkins, Wendy Measures.

Trampoline: Over 17 Boys (4 places) – Aaron Stokes, Andrew Coulter, Bobby Dillon, Brooke Milliner, Dan Hayward, James Smith, Keir Stewart, Mathew Swaffer, Philip Dodson, Philip Scarborough, Richard Webb, Steven Walsh.

Tumbling: Under 13 Girls (4 places) – Hanna Moses, Holly Bennett, Michala Parakin, Rachael Letsche, Sophie Whitehead.

Tumbling: Under 13 Boys (4 places) – Christopher Hassall, Oliver Parsons.

 Tumbling: Under 15 Girls (4 places) – Danielle Bannan, Donna Rogers, Hannah Greenall, Heather Rudd, Jennifer Dawes, Kayleigh Watson, Laura Houson, Lisa Grant, Sarah Turner, Zara Mclean.

Tumbling: Under 15 Boys (4 places) – Charlie Burrows, Gary Aspinal, John Ketland, Peter Mewse, Tom Scatchard.

Tumbling: Under 17 Girls (4 places) – Charlotte Atkinson, Kylie McGonagle, Rachel Huggil, Rebecca Edwards, Samantha Palmer, Zoe Mclean.

Tumbling: Under 17 Boys (4 places) – Lee Beever, Michael Scott-Beaulieu.

Tumbling: Over 17 Girls (4 places) – Donna Maclean, Gemma Harris, Katie Martin, Victoria Mitchell.

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Tumbling: Over 17 Boys (4 places) – Michael Lopez.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Under 13 Girls (? Places) – Emma Scanlon, Imogen Gunner, Jennifer Benjamin.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Under 13 Boys (? Places) – Michael Dodson, Nathan Benham, Philip Spencer, Steven Williams, Thomas Foreman.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Under 15 Girls (? Places) – Charlotte Walmsley, Eleanor Benjamin, Kate Bramall, Laura Williams, Pippa Pugh, Rebecca Metcalfe, Roxy Milliner.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Under 15 Boys (? Places) – Andrew Freeman, Chris Hall, Jack Helme, Luke Whiteside, Mathew Short, Michael Freeman, Rhyce O.Connor, Tom Jones.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Under 17 Girls (? Places) – Hannah Reeves, Kirsty Ward, Lucy Ashworth, Lucy Roberts, Nikki Pugh, Stacey Dann.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Under 17 Boys (? Places) – Dominic Swaffer, Duncan Robertson, Jem Camble, Martin Hillman, Sam Bascombe.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Over 17 Girls (? Places) – Asha Bayliss, Colleen Stopforth, Jenna Peacock. Jenna Summers, Katherine Driscoll, Kelly Allen, Lorraine Cave-Brown, Natalie O’Connor, Nicola Bramble.

Double Mini-Trampoline: Over 17 Boys (? Places) – Alun Brace, Chris Fordham, Keir Stewart, Mathew Swaffer, Philip Dodson.

Competitors will be expected to meet the criteria for each discipline, regardless of the number of applicants. Each discipline has published its own selection policy.


Great Britain v Russia


Saturday 7th June 2003

Starting at 2pm


Olympic, World, World Games, World Cup and European Champions from both Great Britain and Russia

Entry: Adult £5 Child £3 (under 12)

Cheques to be made payable to British Gymnastics with SAE please

For further information contact: Sharon Wood, 2 Brerewood, Earley, Reading, Berks RG6 5UH. Telephone: 01189872924


The NTTC would like to congratulate Cara Jamieson SCO for finishing in 3rd place (48 entries) in the Women’s Class II event, in the recent Aalsmeer Flower Cup competition held in Holland. This was an excellent result for Cara and the Scots, and we hear that her large trophy took pride of place all the way home to Scotland!



Claire Wright and Simon Milnes head the British team for this annual match against Denmark, France and Germany, which this year, is being held in the town of Sulzbach GER on 5th April. In addition to Claire and Simon, the team will consist of the following:

Natalie O’Connor, Colleen Stopforth, Lauren Allen, Gary Short, Brooke Milliner and Paul Noblett. Reserves: Aurora Necco and Gary Smith.

The NTTC wishes the team every success in the match.



It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Polly Linton. Polly was a long time friend of the sport of trampolining, and along with Ron, was the stalwart of the Stockport Tariff Competition for the past 20 years. She will be sadly missed, not only in the Northwest Region, but also throughout British trampoline circles. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Ron at this sad time.





A number of the senior squad members will be saddened to hear of the passing of Sigfried Fischer, Honorary Vice President of the FIG who, on the merging of the FIT/FIG in 1998 was the Executive Committee member responsible for Trampoline disciplines.  Sigfried was a member of the FIG Authorities from 1980 until his retirement in 2000. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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Coaching – cont

International Performance Coach Course – at present, the IPC is going to be run as a rolling series of modules that be entered at any point. To attend the modules, it is necessary to have performers using the full range of skills in the HPC syllabus. Applications should be sent to Lloyd Readhead for consideration of the Coach Educational Panel.

High Performance Coach Course – it is planned to run this sometime in the summer (July) as a single course over a week. At present, we are looking for a venue with at least 4 x 6x6 (6x4mm) trampolines and 2 overhead rigs, as room for theory modules, with suitable accommodation nearby. If you have this available in July, inform Cathy Page asp. Those wishing to participate should also inform Cathy.

Log Book – the Trampoline Coach Log Book has been extensively revised and will be available when current stocks run out.

Gaps Between Higher level Coach Awards – it is recommended, that although Coach and Club Coach courses and examinations may be taken in the same 12 month period, for all higher awards only one exam may be taken in a 12 month period. The course can be attended before the 12 month period is up, but the exam may not be taken before the 12 months has elapsed from the previous award exam (repeat).

Recent Accreditation – Tutors: Coach – Mel Braganza. Club Coach – Tony Hull, Martin Laws, Bill Leach, Julie Williams, Janice Grubb, John Morrison,  Olivia Sorbie, John Wills. Senior Club Coach – Martin Laws, Bill Leach. HPC – Biz Scales, Martin Laws, Bill Leach, Cathy Page, John Beer. IPC – Martin Laws, Bill Leach, Biz Scales, John Beer. Examiners: Coach – Dugald Davidson, Bill Leach, Lynsey Tee. Club Coach – Janice Grubb, Olivia Sorbie, John Morrison, John Wills. HPC – Biz Scales. DMT Add on Modules: Tutors and Examiners: Club Coach, Senior Club Coach, HPC – Martin Laws, Donna Grist, Stephen Grist, Nick Earle.

Anyone wishing to become a Tutor or Examiner should contact Lloyd Readhead in order to attend the BG Induction Course. There is then a Trampoline Induction Course, which are held at various times during the year. Anyone wishing to attend this should contact Cathy Page.

Half-out Module – for those BTF Advanced Coaches who have pupils doing half-outs, and for those who wish to go on to HPC there is now a 2-4 hour module to cover half-outs. This is because the half-out is now included in the syllabus for the Senior Club Coach.

Disabilities Course – these continue to be held in most regions. Statistics not available at time of this report.

Statistics – comparing the number of new coaches at every level in year 2001 and 2002, there has been a 75% increase in Coach level; 64% at Club Coach; 133% at Senior Club Coach level; 23% at HPC.

Coach level – the courses are running smoothly now as almost everyone has got used to the format. The logbooks and a few of the Common Core questions are a cause for concern, and this is being addressed.

Skills to be examined at Coach have been decided. They are: Putting out and away the trampoline. Front and back somersault, with one-person support. Another skill containing rotation or rotation-and-twist.

Club Coach – these are also running smoothly and coaches are able to find mentors on the whole. Again, the Log Book needs some modification. Almost every Region now has at least one qualified Tutor-to-Tutor Club Coach. There is a need for more Tutors to upgrade. Less than 10% of coaches are going on to Club coach.

Senior Club Coach – Senior Club Coach Courses are run in about half of the Regions. There is a severe shortage of Tutors at this level; though with the new IPCs, who are experienced Tutors being able to Tutor at that level, it may ease the situation. The Resource Pack is available in draft and will be printed before Easter.

High Performance Coach – the first course at this level has been run quite successfully. This level will be run Nationally and one course per year is planned. All those who are planning on doing this course should have done the half-out module, if they have not done the SCC course in 2002. It can be done alongside Senior Club Coach Course when they are learning it.

International Performance Coach – for IPC in 2001 a number of BTF Senior Advanced Coaches were assessed at IPC – of whom 3 were assessed as IPC. In 2002 all those who were squad coaches, and those who had been awaiting at least three years for as higher level course, were fast tracked through the Common Core and were then assessed – 9 out of the 13 assessed became IPC level. A third group of coaches started on the IPC course at the same time as the previous group were doing the Common Core, and will complete their course this year.

Teachers Course – the Teachers Course will be equivalent to the Coach Course from Jan 2003 and will contain the back somersault. There is also a module for back somersault for teachers who need to upgrade. The Resource Pack will be combined with the Coach resource.

Double Mini-Trampoline Course – these are held on request. Statistics not available at this time.

Tutor Training – the procedure is to attend an  Information  Day


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

%474507 42210 :xaF 470667 96510 : ku.oc.los.fcasnodrog@oec

at Lilleshall for the BG method of running courses, followed or proceeded by a trampoline Information Day. Lead Tutor trainers to deliver this are, Malcolm Clark, Tony James, Jack Kelly, Cathy Page, Bert Scales, Mike McGhee and Rob Walker.  The trainees should then attend and observe one course, and then on the second and subsequent courses, deliver parts of the course until their mentor is satisfied that they are ready to be assessed. There is a Tutor Assessor in every Region now. The main sticking point for trainees is finding a course at a convenient place and time to get familiar with running courses. It is recommended that trainees will visit courses in different areas. Scotland head the Tutor tables with 10 tutors/examiners; Southern Region have 9; all the rest have at least 2, except the East Midlands.

Tutor/Examiner Seminar – the next seminar will be held on 6/7 September 2003, most probably at Lilleshall.

Safety Code of Practice – the Code of Practice was totally reviewed in 2001 but already there are items that require changing. This will be actioned during the current year. Trampolining has been accused of being too dangerous – please stick to the Code of Points.

Trampoline Coach Education Development Plan 2002-05


·         to increase the number of coaches by increasing the number of Tutors at all levels, but also to increase the understanding/skill of new coaches.

Tutor Training

·         to have at least 4 Coach Tutor/Examiners per Region by 2005.

·         to have at least 1 Club Coach Tutor per Region.

Coach Training

·         new coaches – at least 1500 per year

·         Club Coaches to reach 10% of the coaches trained i.e. 150 in 2003; 170 in 2004

·         new Senior Club Coaches to increase to 80-100 in the next two years

·         new HPC to increase to 25 per year – run one or two HPC courses each year

·         IPC course to be run Nationally in alternate years depending on demand



·         review Code of Points by June

·         print senior Club Coach Manual by April

·         complete HPC resource by December

·         review Coach and combine with Teachers resource

·         prepare Tutor/Examiner resource book

·         exam papers under constant review

·         revise Coach Log Book by June; Club Coach Log Book by December


·         review Club Coach Resources


·         link decisions from Coach Education Committee into GymNews/GymNast

·         link Proficiency Scheme closely to Coach/Club Coach

·         link IPC training closely with Squad training


·         plan the Calendar in each Region for the whole year to allow Club Coach, Senior Club Coach and HPC development

·         address the Accidents which are reported, to see if modifications need to be made to the Code of Practice


·         hold Coaching Seminars at HPC / IPC level nationally, and encourage Regional Seminars at Senior Club / Club and Coach level 2003-2005

Development of Assistant Coach

·         most BG disciplines are going to have to develop a grade similar to Coach. We will be developing an Assistant Coach


The NTTC would like to send their congratulations to Paul Garber in retaining his position of that of Deputy President, Financial at the Annual General Meeting of British Gymnastics, held in Newport, on Saturday 29th March 2003.

Results of voting was:

Paul Garber – 144 votes

John  Beeton – 95 votes

The next meeting of the NTTC will be held in London, on Sunday 11th May 2003. Members who wish to raise any matter of suggestion/concern, should contact any member of the NTTC direct.

Congratulations to: Brian Phelps, Sharon Wood and Sue Lawton on their recent appointment of  HPC National Coaches with British Gymnastics. These appointments can only benefit our memebrs in both the short and long term Ed.


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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