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TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 21              August 2003

Editor: John D Beeton:



Martin Laws


I must begin this editorial with huge congratulations to all of our new National Champions, as well as to our organizing committee and officials etc who worked so hard to support everyone over the weekend of our National Championships.


Our Senior Trampoline Champions, Claire Wright and Paull Smyth gave us a stunning display of determination and excellence to retain their titles.


We must also not forget our two new Senior DMT Champions of Mathew Swaffer and Lorraine Cave Brown, adding to the breadth of possibility for the future.


This has now set the scene for our teams to compete in Hanover. The whole country is behind them all. We will of course see more competition in the UK with the Ukrainian match in Salford, and the Youth Match v Germany in Hull, plus a further two world cup events before we travel to Hanover. Hopefully, our team will be well prepared.


Now, moving onto the Technical issues. I have for some time been writing about impending changes, and I mentioned in the last issue about changes that have started to take place. This situation, will, I believe, be ongoing until at least after the Olympics in 2004, and hen I predict acceleration in changes across sport as results are judged.


What we do know now, is hat Coach Education will be changing to incorporate the new Government standards in Sports Coaching Certification. The major advantage we have here, is that once again, BG are leading the way and have already been accepted as a model governing body to set and create these new standards. Lloyd Readhead is working hard as ever to ensure we all remain ahead of the pack. We will be using these changes as an opportunity to improve our delivery and include new research in Trampolining, which should lead to an exciting tutor’s seminar if nothing else!


We will be working on a new Trampoline Development Plan, which hopefully, will be ready within the next year, and will set out our path to capitalize as much as possible on every opportunity available to us, to further our sport. We will be building stronger links with regional trampoline technical committees, and including them in the process with our new plans.


All this however, will require one thing to help progress… All our trampoline members MUST read every piece of information that they receive. I am frequently pointing people to where things have been published, and this just distracts our officers from their tasks, wasting everyone’s time. Please.Please get this message across, as far afield as you can.


Lastly, I would beg you all to consider if you have anything you can contribute to all our magazines and publications. Our Editors are frustrated at the lack of trampoline related articles they receive. We have gone now from a BTF magazine with large gaps, to three regular magazines, the website and this news, just at national level! Our regions and county operations are crying out for input, so please encourage as many to produce as wide a range of articles as you can. If these can be emailed to Richard Ollerenshaw, he will ensure they are directed to the right publication.


I hope that everyone has a great summer.



National Championships: statistics

Martin Laws


2003 saw 288 competitors, with Olga leading the way with 37 participants, followed closely behind by Edgbarrow with 32.


All individual gold medals were shared between three clubs, with team medals being shard between 5 clubs, as opposed to only two clubs in 2002.


Edgbarrow had a clean sweep of over 18 and Elite team golds, with the Ladies team scoring 196.0 points. Is this a British record? Ed.


Paul Smith had the highest total score of 109.2, followed by Gary Smith on 109.0 points.


Nuno Marino POR had the highest difficulty of the day of 16.2 points, with Gary Smith the highest GBR competitor with 15.8 points.


Two competitors celebrated their 18th Birthday at the event – I think!



High Performance Coach Syllabus – to include half-in-rudi-out and full-in-full-out with immediate effect.


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Great Britain trampolinists maintained their world ranking by defeating Russia in this senior international match, held over the weekend 6-8 June past; and what a victory. The Russians did not know what hit them. In seven events, Britain won six, with the Russians only managing to take the men’s overall individual title; and then only at the final hurdle.


Those members of the British Squad, who were guesting for this event, are also to be congratulated for such a fine performance.


The capacity crowd was treated to an excellent performance from gymnasts from both nations, but the end result, right from the first round of the competition, was never in doubt.


Results were:



Team Result: Kirsten Lawton, Aurora Necco, Natalie O’Connor, Claire Wright

1st Great Britain – 317.80 points

2nd Russia – 299.50 points

Individual Result:

1st Claire Wright GBR – 108.80/14.4 points

2nd Kirsten Lawton GBR – 107.60/14.1 points

3rd Natalia Kolesnikova RUS – 103.50/12.8 points

Synchro Result:

1st Claire Wright / Kirsten Lawton GBR

2nd Irina Vassilieva / Galina Gontcharenko RUS



Team Result: Mark Alexander, Brian Camp, Gary Smith, Paull Smyth

1st Great Britain – 323.00 points

2nd Russia – 315.90 points

Individual Result:

1st Iouri Koziakov RUS – 108.50/15.1 points

2nd Andrei Oudalov RUS – 107.90/ points

3rd Gary Smith GBR – 107.20/16.0 points

Synchro Result:

1st Gary Smith / Paull Smyth GBR

2nd Stanislav Pokroev / Iouri Koziakov RUS


Overall Team Result

1st Great Britain – 640.80 points

2nd Russia – 615.40 points


Congratulations to all. Ed.


My grateful thanks to Sharon Woods and Barbara Stephan of British Gymnastics, along with their helpers on the day, for making the local arrangements. This was much appreciated by all.

Push-in Mats – it is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the person sliding in the push-in mat, both in training and competition; if not a qualified coach, is trained, experienced, familiar with the performer, and of sufficient maturity.





Kirsty Lawton and Claire Wright maintained their world ranking by finishing in Gold medal position in ladies synchronised at the recent world cup event held in France, which attracted a large entry in both ladies and men’s trampoline and tumbling competitions.


Their overall score was some 1.6 points ahead of the new Ukrainian pairing of Olena Movchan and Yulia Domchevska, with Anna Dogonadze GER taking Bronze medal with her new partner Jessica Simon; and with the same score as the Ukrainian pair of 48.3 points.


Other finalists included Kolesnikova/Karaveava RUS (4th), Cockburn/Ross McManus CAN (5th), Trouche/Pallanche FRA 6th and Hisu/Meijer NED (7th).


Like the men’s event, there were a number of new pairings on show, and it will be interesting to see who comes through to the top ranks in the coming months.


Unlike the GB Ladies, the British pairing of Gary Smith and Paull Smyth failed to impress, finishing in a disappointing 16th place, out of a field of 18th.


Men’s synchro finalists were: Chernonos/Nikitin UKR (1st), Laifa/Jala FRA (2nd), Turgeon/Greene CAN (3rd) Poliarouch/Kazaz BLR (4th), Pedersen/Jensen DEN (5th), Stehlik/Kubicka GER (6th), Kaslander/Riepma NED (7th) and Neves/Merino POR (8th).


Anna Dogonadze GER took the ladies title with final round score of 40.6 points, with the young Chinese super star Shanshan Huang in second place, some 0.7 points behind. Karen Cockburn CAN (39.8 points) was third. Our own Kirsten Lawton qualified for the finals in 4th place with a score of 66.4/13.9 points but botched the final round to finish in 9th place overall. Claire Wright failed to make the finals on this occasion, finishing in 12th position overall. Aurora Necco (62.6/12.7 points) finished a credible 17th out of an entry of 43, whilst Natalie O’Connor (59.8/12.2 points) managed to finish in 28th place.


Olena Movchan UKR (39.5/13.9 points) was 4th overall, whilst the Irina Karavaeva RUS (39.3/14.6 points) could only manage 6th place on this occasion.  Heather Ross McManus  CAN   was 


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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7th, whilst Aurore Monin FRA finished just ahead of Kirsten.


In the men’s event, Alexandre Moskalenko RUS maintained his superiority, but only just from the Japanese Yakayuki Kawanishi, who has improved greatly over the past months. Dmitri Poliarouch BLR finished third.




01 Alexandre Moskalenko RUS – 40.8/15.3 points

02 Takayuki Kawanishi JPN – 40.8/15.5 points

03 Dmitri Poliarouch BLR – 40.7/15.6 points

04 German Khnytchev RUS – 40.7/16.0 points

05 Sebastien Laifa FRA – 40.1/15.4 points

06 Hnrik Stehlik GER – 38.2/15.6 points

07 Qiangqiang Feng CHI – 14.0/6.5 points

08 Olexander Chernonos UKR – 13.3/5.6 points


Great Britain placing were as follows:


26 Mark Alexander – 65.4/15.2 points

28 Gary Smith – 65.2/15.8 points

34 Paull Smyth – 64.1/14.4 points

37 James Higgins – 63.7/14.4 points


Congratulations to both Kathryn Peberdy and Robert Small for finishing in third place in both the ladies and men’s tumbling events respectively. These were excellent results and confirms their world standing.




Kurt Bächler



It is with great sadness that the NTTC announces the passing of

Kurt Bächler (SUI) on the 22nd June past. Kurt was one of the pioneers of the sport of trampolining, and at the International Trampoline Federation’s (FIT) 1st Congress in Frankfurt GER, in 1964, was elected as a member of the Technical Committee, and Technical President in 1974 on the occasion of the FIT Congress in Johannesburg (RSA).


At the Paris (FRA) Congress in 1984, Kurt was elected an Honorary Member of the FIT, an honour he was rightly proud off.


Kurt’s life, however, did not only revolve around trampolining. He was also an expert skier, and for many years, he was Technical Director of the famous International Youth Ski Camp in Lenk (SUI).


All those who knew Kurt Bächler will never forget him. He will be remembered as an impartial charismatic man, who’s life 

was dedicated to sport. He was instrumental, along with George Nissen and others, in the development of the sport to what it is today. He will be missed by his numerous friends from around the world. Our deepest sympathy to his two sons, family and friends.Ed.




Cathy Page


Spacing of Courses – it is suggested that coaches should normally only attend the next level of course after at least one year’s qualification at each level. Fast tracking may be applied for in certain circumstances.


Tutor/Examiner Seminar – 6/7 September at Lilleshall. Topics to be covered – The Mentor process; Examining the practical – what is 60%; Update on changes; Sports Specific conditioning for basic level Coaching; Forward and Backward roll and Handstand teaching; Mechanical models for teaching mechanics; Methods of introducing Back drop; Quality of back and front somersault work, to produce high level trampolining.


Teachers Courses – Teachers who have done the new course, including the back somersault, can transfer to BG by paying the membership, and are then eligible to enroll on Club Coaches courses.


DMT courses – all  coaches of whatever discipline, wishing to coach DMT., should attend the Club Coach Module first; HPC and IPC coaches may then wish to be fast tracked to the HPC level.


High-level Trampoline Conference – planned for the January 2004 Technical Conference at Lilleshall. Topics planned so far include “Cruising – for learning twisters”. What topics would SCC, HPC and IPC coaches be interested in?


Foundation Coaching – a website has been set up for new coaches to obtain help. They will be able to ask questions about trampolining, and there will be standard answers available for some questions – others will be farmed out to the various experts to answer. There will also be links to the BG site, and results will be posted. New Coaches will be given the info by their tutors, to enable them to login. A précis of the syllabus will also be on the site.


Tutor accreditation – it has been agreed, in principle, that once a tutor has become an examiner, they could be one of the examiners at whatever level they are tutoring. The following have been accredited Coach Tutor – Lynda Kouache; Coach Examiner – Peter Pino, Mel Braganza; Club Coach Examiner – Julie Williams, Dennis Dickenson, Fred Isaac, Tony Hull, Bill Leach, Hilbre Hockenhull, Peter James.


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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