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TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 22             October 2003

Editor: John D Beeton:




Martin Laws


Welcome to this October edition of TRAMPOLINE NEWS. My thanks to John Beeton the editor, for all his efforts to keep you all informed. Please circulate this Newsletter as widely as possible.


Good luck to all those who made places on the World and World Age-Group teams. This year, the team is bigger than ever, and we look forward to seeing some excellent results for your labours. As the international competition circuit starts now to really focus on the World  Championships, and the all important Olympic place’s, the other members of the NTTC have been quietly beavering away to make sure no one is left out!


The Foundation Coaching network is up and running and it is hoped that this will bring welcome support for grass roots and new coaches. To sign up, simply type into your web browser and fill in your name, e-mail address, BG membership  number and make up a password. You will then receive an e-mail containing full details on how to log on. Our thanks must go to Richard Ollerenshaw for his skills in developing this web support, and in giving it a transparent look to the BG web server. We hope to achieve a great deal with this technology, and if used wisely, it will be further developed in the future.


The Regional / Home Nation Trampoline Technical Committee Chairs came together for the second time this year, and hopefully, this will become a much more regular meeting. Regional and National issues were featured and improvements in the communication process, given the highest priority. Please, can I ask you all to make sure that your region / home nation is aware of your e-mail addresses, to help speed the process of communication in the future.


Richard Ollerenshaw is still seeking members of hat small team of news hounds, to ensure we are making the best of our successes, local as well as national. Please get in touch with Richard if you feel you have the skills and time to contribute to his team.


New competition packs are being drawn up by Craig Bellis’s team, and will be with us all shortly. Please be diligent in reading this as there will undoubtedly be many small changes and we don’t want anyone caught out at the last minute.

The total home circuit has grown each year under BG and is a very difficult task for our competition working party to manage. There is always more wok to do, but my thanks must go to all involved, and those regional organizers and volunteers, without whom we couldn’t be as successful as we are.


Cathy Page and her team have continued to develop the coaching structure and we are moving towards the new coaching license. I am still getting many calls from BTF qualified coaches who have not continued membership into BG. Please help by getting the word out. There have been so many updates and changes that those outside the system will most certainly be out of date. If you haven’t done any courses under BG it may well be worth you considering attending a course to update knowledge, or even simply purchasing a copy of the common core material and sport specific applicable to your level. It is vital that everyone still active in our sport become aware and update their practices and get the word out to those who have yet to join our new family.


We are currently working on the National Technical assembly in Lilleshall 24/25th January 2004 (get it in your diaries now) and it is hoped the programme will bring many more Trampolinists to it than ever before. Please remember that this is your opportunity to meet and discuss your ides, needs and feelings, as well as gain valuable information. Disciplines such as Sports Acro have, for  a number of years, used this as a focal point for all clubs, and most make sure that they have someone attending. Trampolining has not yet switched on to the fact that this Assembly is important to clubs and we are trying to improve the programme as an encouragement. Cathy Page will be organizing a higher level coaching conference during the weekend and I am looking for more ideas about hat you all actually want to see. Mixing with other disciplines is important and indeed ALL the lectures are specifically designed for everyone to get something out of it. Please let me know if there is anything you specifically feel is appropriate to hold, and you never know, it may happen!


I look forward to seeing you all soon.





As we go to press, we are in negotiation with both the Russian and Belarusian federations to have a three-way international in Great Britain prior to he Olympic Games. Both RUS and BLR federations have agreed in principal to this senior match, which will be confirmed / or otherwise whilst I am in Hanover. Ed.


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7th World Games 2005 in Duisburg (GER): 14th to 24th July



The World Games are the most important event besides the Olympic Games and take place every 4th year, in the year following the summer Olympic Games. They are governed by the International World Games Association (IWGA), recognised by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), who support the World Games. It is said that the World Games are the <Olympic Games> of those sports and disciplines who are not part of the programme of the Olympic Games. Similar to the Olympic Games, there are approximately 27 sports (International Federations) in the programme of the 2005 World Games.


The FIG plays a very important part in the World Games. It has a total quota (participating gymnasts) of 294, and the following 20 events included in the Programme of the 2005 World Games in Duisburg:


Rhythmic Gymnastics

Individual Rope, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon


Sports Aerobics

Men Individual, Women Individual, Mixed Pairs, Trios and Groups



Men’s Synchro and Women’s Synchro.

Tumbling Individual Men and Individual Women.

Double Mini-Trampoline Individual Men and Individual Women


Sports Acrobatics

Mixed Pairs, Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Women’s Group (3)


Sports Acrobatics

Mixed Pairs, Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Women’s Group (3) and Men’s Group (4)


Similar to the Olympic Games, participation is limited by a quota (number of gymnasts per discipline) and therefore, qualifying events and criteria are necessary.


The FIG’s new quotas, decided by the IWGA for the World Games 2005 in Duisburg are:


Rhythmic Gymnastics:       24

Trampoline:                        88

Sports Aerobics:               104

Sports Acrobatics:              78

Qualifying events:


The qualifying events for the 2005 World Games in Duisburgh are the following:


·         2003 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Budapest HUN 24-29 September


·         2003 Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline World Championships in Hanover GER 17-19 October


·         2004 Sports Aerobics World Championships


·         2004 Sports Acrobatics World Championships in France 17-23 May




Quota: 88 gymnasts 


Trampoline Synchro:          48 (12 pairs each men and women)

Double Mini-Trampoline:  20 (10 men and 10 women)

Tumbling:                           20 (10 men and 10 women)




Trampoline Synchro Men and Women

Qualifications with 12 pairs competing in one group

2 x exercises as at World Championships


Finals with the top 8

1 x exercise as at World Championships


Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling Men and Women

Qualifications with 10 gymnasts competing in one group

2 x passes as at World Championships


Finals with the top 8

2 x passes as at World Championships


Qualification Criteria:


The qualification applies to the federations and NOT the gymnast, except for the “Wild Cards”.


Trampoline Synchro Men and Women


Places 1 – 10 will be attributed to the federations (maximum 1 per federation) according to the ranking of their pairs at the qualification World Championships. In case there are insufficient federations participating in the World Games to fill these   places, the participating federations will be given the opportunity to  send  two  pairs  per  federation   (priority  in  ranking order as

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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 as mentioned above).


Places 11 - 12 are nominated (in order of priority) by the FIG Executive Committee in consultation with the TC Trampoline to:





Any place(s) not assigned under the criteria mentioned above will be attributed following the same criteria as places 1 – 10 to raise the number of federations not yet represented at the World Games.


Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline Men and Women


Places 1 – 8 will be attributed to the federations (maximum 1 per federation) according to the ranking of their gymnasts at the qualification competition at the qualifying World Championships. In case there are insufficient federations participating in the World Games to fill these places, the participating federations will be given the opportunity to send 2 gymnasts, per federation (priority in ranking order as mentioned above).


Places 9 – 10 are nominated (in order of priority) by the FIG Executive Committee in consultation with the TC Trampoline to:


-          same as for trampoline Synchro above –




Each federation has to nominate, and present, a minimum of 1 judge from their own federation, in good standing, with a valid FIG Brevet.



British Artistic Women‘s Team Qualify for Athens


By finishing in 9th place in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Anaheim USA, last August, the British team

of Amy Dodsley, Cherrell Fennel, Elizabeth Line, Rebecca Mason, Venessa Hobbs and Elizabeth Tweddle qualified a full women’s team for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens GRE.


Considering that apart from Beth Tweddle, who performed on U.bars and Beam, all of the gymnasts were debutants in World Championships, their achievement is even more impressive.


The NTTC and Trampoline fraternity, send their congratulations to both the team, their personal coaches and national squad coaches, for such an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to all concerned. Ed.





The FIG TR-TC have decided upon the criterion for judge selection for the Athens Olympic Games 2004:


Five judges (plus TC members) will be required. As the host nation GRE will provide one judge, the selection of the other four judges will be made at the conclusion of the World Championships in Hanover GER in October.


Criterion: Neutral judges Cat.1 or 2., followed by Analysis of Judges Cat. 1 or 2 at World Cups and World Championships.





The following letter was received by the Chair o0f the NTTC., Martin Laws, from someone who had been “surfing the net”, and had come across Jumpers Rebound web site, and will bring back many happy memories to those of us who have been in the sport for longer than perhaps we care to remember! Ed.


“Hello Martin,


I have just visited your web site for the first time and I couldn’t resist contacting you. Let me introduce myself.


My name is Brian Chapman, aged 47 years, living in Hall Green, Birmingham. I am a serving officer in the West Midlands Police (18 months until retirement). At the age of 14 I started trampolining at my local school and sports center. Of course, I soon had the bug!


After a couple of years of hard training (using a cable sprung ½” 77A., I was invited to train at the Birmingham Athletic Institute, under the watchful eye of Tony Hunter. I spent the major part of my youth there, training on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays (I retired at 20 years due to work shift patterns, and the standard left me behind).


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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During this time, I entered many local and National Competitions until I was invited for a trial at the Regent St. Polytechnic, London. Rob Walker was in charge and his son  Jeff was also on trial. I was selected as reserve for the England v West Germany Youth Match in 1972 (not too sure of the year). Following on from that, I was a youth international for one more occasion; that was in the European Youth Championships, held in Copenhagan. I came 9th overall.


Having read some of the achievements of your club members, I was particularly interested in the World Age Championships ( now World Age Group Games Ed) this is because, I took part in the first WAGs, held at Picketts Lock Sports Centre, London in 1973. I was in the mini tramp and synchronised trampoline event. As luck would have it, one of our performers, Steven Dews injured his leg on the day, and I stepped in to partner Robert Anderson. He, being a better performer, kindly lowered his tarrif. It was something laughable by today’s standards (8 tarrif approximately) but again, luck was with us, and unlike the Russian pair, we successfully completed our routines and achieved first place. So you see, Robert and I were the first pair to hold the title of under 18 World Synchronised Champions.


The following year we travelled to Los Angeles, but I only managed 6th place. Of course, I have many good memories of the sport. I managed a few single somersaults a couple of years ago, much to the amazement of the young spotters who couln’t believe that someone so “old” could manage such a feat. Just for info, one of my best memories was spotting at the National Championships at Crystal Palace when Paul Luxon performed a perfect 10 tarrif routine. This was unheard of then, and I believe that Paul was one of the best of all time. I did also manage to meet George Nissen in the USA, when I tried to persuade him to denote a trampoline to our Police Force.


Do you know if there has been an official record kept of the WAG results since its inception? I would dearly love to obtain a copy. I have the blue and gold sash, and of course, the medal in my possession, plus a small poleriod photo of Rob and I standing on the podium.


Anyway, good luck with your organization.


Best Wishes,


Brian Chapman”.


Editors Note: does anyone have a copy of the 1973 WAGs that we can perhaps pass on to Brian?



Flanders Fliffis Cup Success


British Junior Girls had excellent results at this Belgian event at

the end of August, with Amanda Parker taking the overall girls title with a score of 37.00/13.1 points. Katherine Driscoll was second with a score of 35.90/12.5 points, followed closely behind by Lauren Allen in 4th place, with the same score as the third placed Canadian girl.


In the boys event, Paul Noblett finished in a credible 6th place after a bit of a disaster in the final.





Kirsten Lawton was the one shining British star here, finishing in 4th place overall, after qualifying for the finals in 5th place, out of an entry in the women’s event of  43. Natalie O’Connor finished 25th with Aurora Necco 36th.


In the men’s event (58 entries) Gary Smith finished a very credible 17th, with Simon Milnes 32nd, Paull Smyth 39th and Mark Alexander 43rd.


Both the British Women (Natalie O’Connor/Aurora Necco) and Men’s (Mark Alexander/Simon Milnes and Paull Smyth/Gary Smith) synchro pairings failed to reach their respective finals.


The surprise winners of the women’s event here were the Dutch pairing of Mirjam Steinbach and Kim Stiekema. The men’s event was won by the world class German pairing of Markus Kubicka and Henrik Stehlik, with Poliaroush/Kazak BLR in 2nd place and Villafuerte/Mooij NED in 3rd place.


Final Placings in both individual events were:



01.  Natalia Chernova RUS 39.80/13.9 points

02.  Irina Karavaeva RUS 39.70/14.6 points

03.  Karen Cockburn CAN 39.40/13.8 points

04.  Kirsten Lawton GBR 39.10/13.9 points

05.  Anna Dogonadze GER 38.70/14.0 points

06.  Yuliya Domchevska UKR 38.30/13.7 points

07.  Min Lin CHI 37.80/13.8 points

08.  Ilse Despriet BEL 33.30/11.6 points

09.  Shanshan Huang CHI 13.00/6.0 points



01.  Yuriy Nikitin UKR 42.10/16.2 points

02.  Alexander Rusakov RUS 41.10/16.7 points

03.  Henrik Stehlik GER 40.90/15.6 points

04.  Nikolai Kazak BLR 40.70/16.2 points

05.  David Martin FRA 39.20/15.8 points

06.  Damien Debecker BEL 34.90/12.7 points

07.  Dmitri Poliaroush BLR 33.50/13.8 points

08.  Alexandre Moskalenko RUS 20.10/8.1 points

09.  Markus Kubicka GER 2.10/1.8 points


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Helped by many People


(an article Mads Sejerøe in Danish Gymnastic Magazine Aug)


Looking across the sea on a hot summer night, laid-back enjoying a cool drink, I almost feel like being in Southern France – just like last summer with my team mates.


It may be daydreaming, but it leads my thought towards one of many good memories from my time with the national trampoline team.


After dislocating the 5th and 6th vertebras during training in Canada on February 19th, the good memories have gained value, especially the ones from the world of gymnastics. A world that I am forced to leave as an active participant. However, a world that I have become closed attached to after my injury. Friends from near and far have cheered me up, encouraging me, and giving me moral support and comfort during the course of events.


All the warm words have helped me through the dark periods, in particular, during my long stay in hospital (9 weeks) tied to a bed. The support and contact to the surrounding world, in combination with my girlfriend and family, kept me “above the water”.


Later on I was moved to the rehabilitation center in Hornbæ k (on the North coast of Zealand) and some kind of daily life has begun. The days pass, including training and daily business.


Until now, the curve has gone upwards, and the belief in once again being able to live a normal life has risen – but there is still a long way to go.


I am paralised from the chest downwards, including parts of the arms and hands. How much mobility I can regain is difficult to predict. I need to work on the functions I have at present, and learn to cope with what I have got. I have learned that the human body is fantastic in its compensation. I can work my cell phone, and by simple aids, even a pc without the feeling and functions of my hands and fingers. And almost (soon completely!) straighten my arms by gravity, without the function of the triceps. Of course, the daily struggles still lead to down periods, but then it is time to re-focus and start fighting even harder.


What keeps me on the right way is focusing on the future. I must re-define my life and goals. Indeed, because many of these goals were connected with my career as a competitor.


Luckily, I can resume my studies of Danish language at the Copenhagen University. However, many daily life tasks will be more difficult and – most certainly – much more expensive. Even  this problem,  many friends – by  request  of  the Danish

Gymnastic Federation – have been ready to help me solve.


The Danish Gymnastic Federation started a collection soon after my accident. I have been brought up to-date with this collection by General Secretary Mr Jacobsen, and I must say that the donations have been overwhelming. I have no way of knowing the identity of the donors, but I would collectively like to thank the huge number of people who have shown their sympathy, and given me new hope, and he possibility of living the life that I dream off, by supporting the collection, or any other ways of support.


Finally, I would like to put forward a few words about my future. From the beginning, I have known that I must find a new place in the world of gymnastics. I have been approached by Trine Frederikson from the TC, on whether I may wish to become a judge. I have this in mind, but I do have an interest in administration and political tasks as well. Where it all ends, for several reasons, is difficult to say, but I will find a new platform within gymnastics, as well as in life. When occasionally I lose faith in this, something, or rather someone, reminds me that I am on the right way, and will not be left behind.




NOTE: donations to Mad’s fund has now reached 300.00 Dkr (40.000 Euro) Ed.




Cathy Page


Tutor / Examiner Seminar – this was an excellent seminar, with 28 tutors in attendance. The following proposals were made:


Coach Course – be extended to 30 hours, to include both the practical exam, plus additional mentor learning. This will attract additional funding from LSC - although this will be a problem in Scotland, as they do not receive LSC funding. The question of whether to include the rig was left in abeyance for the Coach Education Panel to discuss. It was felt that it should be an option, so that people coming on the Club Coach course do not come totally without rig experience.


CRB – there was discussion about the problem of the CRB forms. Basically, BG accept CRB checking when done by another authority, only if done within the previous year, and they must be sent the original document, not a copy. The tutor does not have to be the verifier of the forms.


Code of Practice – the latest version of the Code of Practice is on the Foundation Coaches website.


Next Years Tutor Seminar – 4/5 September.



Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

(: 01569 766074 Fax: 01224 705474

Tax – examiners claiming their examination fee from BG will be charged tax unless they have provided evidence that they are self-employed.


Mechanics – Jake Bailey presented his mechanical analysis on take off to the seminar. This was well received, and work has already begun on looking at examination papers, as well as course resources, to correct the mechanics.


National Coach Education


National Coaching Certificate – across all sports, is likely to be piloted by BG as one of only 5 sports governing bodies that are ready to do this. It will take place in 2005.


Exam Board feedback – have produced guidelines for invigilating exams; for the handling of special needs e.g. dyslexia; for deferral for those who failed just one item of exams. They will be spot visiting about 21 exams around the country.


Club Management Module – will be going ahead by Christmas – looking for tutors to attend seminar for training. Some regions have not yet submitted a tutor. The Applicants do not have to be coach tutors. They can be people who have experienced in management.


Pre-school Trampolining – trampoline coaches who coach pre-school children will be required to take a pre-school module in the future. All other disciplines are not allowed to coach pre-school without a “pre-school module”. It will be prepared by the pre-school group, and vetted by us. There will be time for those who coach pre-school children to take this module after it is introduced – i.e. at least a year, and it will be a year before the module is prepared!



World Cup Series PRAGUE CZE 2003


The Great Britain synchro pairing of Simon Milnes  and Mark Alexander only just missed out on the medals when finishing in fourth place behind the Japanese pair of Takayuki Kawanishi and Daisuke Nakata at the recently held World Cup event in Prague. Winners of the event were the Belarusian pairing of Nikolai Kazak and Dimitri Polyarush, with Alan Villafuerte and Sven Moiij in second place.


In the men’s individual competition, Yuri Nikitin UKR followed up his success the week previous in Belgium, by again coming out on top. In the ladies competition, the present World Champion, Anna Dogonadze GER triumphed. Full results are unavailable at the time of going to press. Ed.  



The 2004 International Programme is now almost complete, with the exception of a few dates / venues to be agreed / confirmed.



18-20 Athens GRE: Olympic Test Event (composition tbc)


April / May

02-03  FRA: 4 x Countries FRA - GBR FRA GER DEN (date / venue tbc)

16-18 Upplands Vasby SWE: FIG World Cup

21-23 DEN: 4 x Nations - GBR DEN CZE Rhineland (date / venue tbc)

30-01 May Ghent BEL: 2nd Flanders Cup Ghent BEL: DMT entry only



05-13 Sofia BUL: UEG Senior / Youth Championships TRA+DMT



13-29 Athens GRE: Olympic Games



24-26 GER: Youth Match GER v GBR TRA+DMT (date / venue tbc)


September / October

GBR: Senior International Match (tbc)


November / December

ALG / GER: FIG World Cup Final (date / venue tbc)






The NTTC are looking for a Region / Club to host the annual Youth Match Great Britain v Germany in 2005. The event now includes both Trampoline and DMT competitions, and caters for some 48 gymnasts and 8 team officials. GBR also has to provide additional judges (9) recorders (2) medical staff (1) and guests (2). All of the above have to be catered for (accommodation / meals) over a two day period (Fri-Sun) as well as the provision of local transport requirements for our visitors. The event is normally held in the last weekend of September.


A generous budget is available, but it is expected that the appointed host will be able to provide additional local facilities, either through their sports center or sponsors.


If interested, please contact John Beeton at: or

Tel: 01224 826239 (B) 01569 766074 (H)


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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