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TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 24          February 2004

Editor: John D Beeton:




Martin Laws


Welcome to this first edition of TRAMPOLINE NEWS. My thanks to John Beeton the editor, for all his efforts to keep you all informed, and all those who have contributed to this important Newsletter. Please circulate this latest edition as widely as possible.


The National Technical Assembly was a great success with speakers in a Trampoline specific program to supplement the comprehensive general program for the very first time. It was also pleasing to see more Trampolinists attending this year, and it is an important event now in the Trampoline year. The date for next year’s event is 28-30 January 2005. Please put this date in your diary now.


Congratulations to the members of the NTTC who were elected or re-elected at the Technical Assembly – Craig Bellis (competitions) and Cathy Page (Coach Ed).


I noted in the last edition about the new Development position within the NTTC and I am keen to find a suitable candidate as soon as possible to be co-opted to this position. If anyone is interested, please contact me as soon as possible….don’t be shy!


We are currently working on the new development plan for Trampolining, which will fit into the new “One Stop Shop” plan that is being prepared for UK Sport. The intention is to have the first drafts available for consultation with UK Sport by late February, and the final version ready for 2005. You can imagine it’s going to involve a great deal of focused work. More on this will follow in later editions of TRAMPOLINE NEWS.


The Governance Review has started to snowball and already some historic decisions taken. This potentially could be as major a change for Trampolining as moving from the old BTF/STA into BG as British Gymnastics reshapes under the Governments modernization scheme.


At the BG Board meeting of 6th December 2003, the English steering group was renamed English Gymnastics, and thereby now recognized as an affiliated Association. At a special meeting of the BG Board convened in January, approval was granted to proceed with reconstituting British Gymnastics, and presentation of the new constitution to the Annual General Meeting on the 8th May 2004.

I calculate approximately 95% of current BG trampoline activity is carried out within the new English Gymnastics boundaries, and therefore a great deal of work will need to be done to assure members of continued improvement in services.


It still hasn’t been decided which services EG will undertake, or even the structure of the organization. However, this will have to be operational within 18 months if we are to meet the modernisation timetable. It is therefore important that we stay aware of the situation and focused, so we may carve out a good future for Trampolining.


I look forward to seeing you all soon.




Double-Mini Trampoline (cont)




1990 Lisa Newman-Morris AUS

1992 Kylie Walker NZL

1994 Kylie Walker NZL

1996 Jennifer Sans USA

1998 Kylie Walker NZL

1999 Lisa Colussi-Mitruk CAN

2001 Marina Mourinova RUS

2003 Sarah Charles CAN




Cathy Page


Technical conference 2004 looking to 2005: we are putting on a number of Trampolining items at the BG Technical Assembly in January. It will be over by the time that you get this! But, the important thing is that in future we will plan to hold a Coaching Conference at the HPC/IPC level each year alongside the Technical Assembly. Hopefully, each region will then hold conferences in their own region for the Club Coach/Senior Club Coach level.


High Performance Coach/Senior Club Coach Exam Days: there are two Exam days being held for anyone who is ready to be examined at these levels. Birkenhead – Sat 6 Mar 04 and Gillingham – Sun 7 Mar 04. Both will start at 0900 hrs, with theory papers, and the practical will commence at 1230 hrs.

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Craig Bellis


General Rules for Entering BG TRA / DMT Competitions

Foreign Competitors (Non-British Passport Holders)


Competitors NOT holding a British passport, who are resident in Great Britain for a minimum period of three months may, during that time, participate in National Graded Competitions, provided that all eligibility criteria are met and are at least as Associate Member of British Gymnastics, Scottish Gymnastics, Northern Ireland Gymnastics or Welsh Gymnastics. (Plus any other conditions which apply to membership of any Home Nation). A ‘foreign’ competitor will be eligible to take a place in these competitions and may also compete as a team member for the Club to whom they are registered.


Providing that he/she achieves a qualifying score for the National Championships (Grade 1 or 2) or meets the eligibility requirements for the Synchronised National Championships, he/she will be permitted to compete at same (even if outside period of residency). However, positions gained by ‘foreign’ competitors, or any synchronized pair with either one or two ‘foreign’ competitors, will also be credited to a British citizen(s). In the case of award winning positions, duplicate awards will be made.


‘Foreign’ competitors may not compete as a team member at either Grade ‘1’ National Championships, or Grade ‘2’ National Championships. Nor may they be selected to represent Great Britain in any International event.


‘Foreign’ competitors not fulfilling the residency condition may be permitted to participate in graded events provided FIG regulations are not contravened. (Application to compete must be made to National Competition Secretary). All of the above applies except for participation in any National Finals/Championships will not be permitted.


Temporary Transfers: Competitors who are at University or College may Compete for a Club in that Region. They may also compete in their Home Region during the holiday periods. The Registration Secretary and Scores Co-coordinator must be informed.





The following international judges have been selected for the 2004 International Programme. However, this listing is not definitive:

11-14 Mar 04: FIG World Cup, Aachen GER

Steve Grist

16-18 Apr 04: FIG World Cup, Upplands Vasby SWE

Peter Heames

16-18 Apr 04: 4 x Countries, Le Portel Plage FRA

Claire Thompson

20-25 Apr 04: FIG World Cup, Moscow RUS

Mike Phillipson

30 Apr-02 May: 4th Flanders Cup, (DMT) Ghent BEL

Bill Leach

22-23 May 04: GBR v RUS v BLR, Bracknell GBR

Jo Pace, Sally Slinger, Kevin Dickson Jackson, Elizabeth Scales, Claire Thompson, Martin Laws, Bert Scales

28-30 May 04: 4 x Nations, Odense DEN

Peter Heames

05-13 Jun 04: UEG European Championships, Sofia BUL

Bruce Craig, Claire Thompson, Donna Grist, John Beeton

24-26 Sep 04: GBR v GER Youth Match, Bad Kreuznach GER

Sally Slinger

00-00 Nov 04: FIG World Cup Final, Algiers ALG or Duisburg GER

Elizabeth Scales


Note: venue / date for FIG World Cup Final still to be decided.





Squad Coaches have been selected for the following international events during 2004:


18-20 Mar 04: ATHOC Olympic Test Event, Athens GRE

John Beer

11-14 Mar 04: FIG World Cup, Aachen GER

John Beer, Sue Lawton, Ed Toward

16-18 Apr 04: FIG World Cup, Upplands Vasby SWE

John Beer, Sue Lawton

16-18 Apr 04: 4 x Countries, Le Portel Plage FRA

Sharon Wood

20-25 Apr 04: FIG World Cup, Moscow RUS

John Beer, Ed Toward

23-24 Apr 04: Principado Cup, ESP (new)

Brian Phelps, Sue Lawton, Sharon Wood

30 Apr-02 May 04: Flanders Cup, Ghent BEL

Nick Earle

22-23 May 04: GBR v RUS v BLR Senior International, Bracknell GBR

Brian Phelps, Ed Toward, Sue Lawton

28-30 May 04: 4 x Nations, Odense DEN

Bill Leach



The next meeting of the NTTC will be held on Sunday 9 May 04.


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05-13 Jun 04: UEG European Championships, Sofia BUL

John Beer, Brian Phelps, Nick Earle (seniors) Sharon Wood, Bill Leach, Nick Earle (youth)

15-17 Jul 04: Nissen Cup, SUI (new)

Sharon Wood, Tony Hull

24-26 Sep 04: GBR v GER Youth Match, Bad Kreuznach GER

Sharon Wood, Tony Hull

26-28 Nov 04: FIG World Cup Final, Algiers ALG

John Beer




Saturday 8th May 2004


The 2004 AGM of the Association will be held on Saturday 8TH May at the Royal Victoria Hotel, Newport, Shropshire, commencing at 1430 hrs (2.30pm).


All persons who are Full, Joint or Life Members of the Association are entitled to attend and participate in the meeting. It should be noted that only the business listed on the agenda might be discussed.


You should have your membership card with you and register / check your membership details at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


The Annual Report and Agenda for the meeting will be distributed with the March edition of the Gymnast, together with a Proxy Form for your use should you not wish to attend in person, plus a copy of the Minutes of the 2003 AGM. Note: Proxy Forms must reach the Company Secretary (Doreen Jones) no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the Meeting i.e. 1430 hrs (2.30pm) on 6th May. Forms received after that time cannot be counted.



British Gymnastics Notice


Gymnasts, Coaches, Judges, BG Representatives, Heads of Delegation, Medical Staff and other Officials


BG Official Blazer Badges


Normally, BG gives an official blazer badge to anyone who internationally represents BG on the first occasion. A badge is not given on every occasion that a person represents BG. It would appear however, that the procedure for distributing these badges has faltered. BG wishes to apologies for failing to distribute badges in the past and wishes to correct this situation. IF you believe that you should have been a recipient of a badge, then please write to:

Bunny Warren, c/o British Gymnastics, Ford Hall, Lilleshall NSC, Newport, Shropshire TF10 9NB with the following details:



This offer is open until 1st July 2004



2004 International Events


The following international events for 2004 have been confirmed, with additional information being supplied by the NSD in due course:


12-14 Mar: FIG World Cup, Aachen GER

15-18 Apr: FIG World Cup, Upplands Vasby SWE

16-18 Apr: 4 x Countries (U18s) La Portel Plage FRA

20-25 Apr: FIG World Cup, Moscow RUS

30Apr-02 May: Flanders Cup (DMT) Ghent BEL

21-23 May: GBR v RUS v BLR (seniors) Bracknell GBR

28-30 May: 4 x Nations, Odense DEN

05-13 Jun: UEG European Championships, Sofia BUL

24-26 Sep: GER v GBR Youth Match (TRA) Bad Kreuznach


It should be noted that there has been a change to the format for both the 4 x Countries (Under 18s only) and the annual match against Germany, where the Germans have requested a reduction in participants and disciplines. The team composition will now  include 3/3 U15 and 3/3 U18 Trampolinists only. Unfortunately, DMT has had to be dropped from the event. Additional competition for our Youth Squad members is being actively pursued, with a possible additional match in the pipeline Ed.





The NTTC wishes to congratulate Lloyd Readhead, British Gymnastics Director of Coaching and Judge Education, on his induction into the UKs Coaching Hall of Fame on 3rd December 2003 at a ceremony in London, attended by HRH the Princess Royal.


Lloyd received the Dyson Award, which celebrated those individuals who have continuously contributed to the development and management of coaching in the UK.


Congratulations from all in Trampolining Lloyd. Ed.



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2005 International Programme

Event Organisers Required


Great Britain is due to host two international trampoline events in 2005 and the NTTC is looking for event organisers. Substantial funding is available but organisers would be expected to provide a certain amount of local sponsorship in the way of reduced / free rates for accommodation, hall hire, transport, trophies, hospitality etc. The internationals are:


01-03 Apr 05: 4 x Countries GBR DEN GER FRA

23-25 Sep 05: GBR v GER Youth Match


These two events are for Trampoline only.


Anyone interested in hosting any of these two events should contact myself in the first instance, when further details can be obtained.


There is also the possibility that a further senior and youth (U15s) international match will be arranged during 2005. However, negotiations are still ongoing with prospective opponents, and it will be some time before these can be confirmed.



FIG WORLD CUP 2003-2004

Points Standing


With the halfway stage already passed in the current World Cup series, the various point tables are beginning to show a familiar pattern at the top of each of the disciplines. The tables, as at 1st February 2004 are:


Men’s Individual Trampoline


01 MOSKALEKNKO Alexander RUS – 423 points

02 MARTIN David FRA – 332 points

03 NIKITIN Yuri URK – 170 points

14 REARLEY Lee GBR – 50 points


Men’s Synchronised Trampoline



02 LAIFA/JALA FRA – 210 points

03 KAZAX/POLYARUSH BLR – 200 points


10 SMYTH/BREAREY GBR – 80 points


Ladies Individual Trampoline


01 KARAVAEVA Irina RUS – 448 points

02 COCKBURN Karen CAN – 355 points

03 DOGONADZE Anna GER – 297 points

07 WRIGHT Claire GBR – 105 points


09 LAWSON Kirsten GBR – 65 points


Ladies Synchronised Trampoline


01 LAWTON/WRIGHT GBR – 355 points


03 LUDWIG/DOGONADZE GER – 180 points


Men’s Tumbling


01 PETROSIAN Levon RUS – 225 points

02 FOURNIALS Nickolas FRA – 220 points

03 MOGOTSI Tseko RSA – 209 points

04 SMALL Robert GBR – 175 points


09 GIBSON Ross GBR – 75m points

15 WALTERS Damien GBR – 50 points


Ladies Tumbling


01 PEBERDY Kathryn GBR – 365 points

02 CHABANENKO Olena UKR – 345 points

03 KOROBEYNIKOVA Anna RUS – 265 points

08 SALLA Charmaine GBR – 60 points


The next World Cup event is scheduled for Aachen GER 12-14 March 2004. The NTTC wishes all GBR participants in this event good luck. Ed.





The NTTC wishes to offer congratulations to Joan Jackman, who was awarded an MBE in the 2004 New Years Honours List for services, not only to British Gymnastics, but also to the Community of Brean & Berrow (Somerset).


Joan has been the South West Regional representative on the BG Policy Board for the past 25 years and a Gymnastic Coach and Judge since 1963. She was also a founder member of the English Schools Gymnastics Association in 1966, and Chair of the British Schools Gymnastics Association for the past 15 years.


SWEDEN has invited our U15s to an international match.


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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Nick Earle


Hosted by the Salto Club in Luton, this was the first DMT competition to use two panels with just one DMT. The tired panel judged alternate competitors, which resulted in a very dynamic competition. Many thanks to Lorraine George for organising the event.


The Youth Boys and Girls put on a very good show with Kirsty Ward, Jason Harvey, Chris Hall, Andrew and Michael Freeman all meeting the European Youth criteria.


The Senior Men’s and Ladies did not fair so well, with only Toby Eager and Kirsty Ward meeting senior criteria. (Kirsty is 17 years of age next year and therefore can choose between the Youth and Senior competitions).


Unfortunately, Mathew Swaffer, Philip Dodson and Arran Stokes all narrowly missed the criteria, each making a small error in one of their passes.


The next trial will be held on 21st March 2004 at the Jumpers Rebound Centre in Gillingham.




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Candidates should have completed their mentored hours and logbooks - which should be brought with them - as well as Verification forms, to the examination.


Please let me which venue you will be attending.


High Performance Course 2004: this year’s course will take place at Gillingham from Monday 26th July until Friday 30th July inclusive. Attendance for all days will be required. All applicants should have completed the Senior Club Coach, and if they took it prior to 2002, they should have completed the ˝ out module. There should be year between completing the Club Coach and the Senior Club Coach exam. Details can be obtained from myself.


Annual Report from the Coach Education Committee 2003: I have produced an annual report – please contact myself if you would like a copy.



National Squad Report

John Beer


Both National Squads have met in January, both at Rossmoor Sports Centre. The Senior Squad was held  9-11,  very early in

the year but necessary, as the first control competition for European selection  is 1st February. This meant the emphasis was on “routine” work. Most were ready and all worked very hard producing good quality routines. This gave a good impression for the coming season.


It was announced by Sue Lawton that Paull Smyth was retiring from international competition with immediate effect. Paull will be sadly missed. He has been an integral part of the British team for many years and has been a great example to all. An inspiration to many, and as team captain, looked after, and helped both youth and seniors. I have extended an open invitation for him to attend any of the squads, and would hope that Paull considers coaching, as I believe he would be an asset with his wealth of international experience.


The teams for the three confirmed World Cups were selected and circulated.


The Youth squad was held 16-18 January, and like the seniors, many in the squad were preparing for the control competitions. The standard of our younger performers is very high, both in performance and attitude. In addition to trampoline training, Marques Church, EIS strength and conditioning expert, attended all day Saturday and worked with each performer, giving them their own programme of conditioning. We also had a very good presentation by Wendy Martinson, Sports Accredited Dietitian, on what the performers should and shouldn’t eat – quantities and a general understanding of diet. It was interesting how much the squad members new on this particular subject.


Funding for the extra personnel was supplied by the EIS.


Both squads were without Brian Phelps, who was ill on booth weekends, but did manage to organize all of the facilities, plus food, from his sickbed.


The high standard of the performers attending squads is due, I believe, by the hard work of the personal coaches, with support of both the High Performance Centres and the High Performance National Coaches, Brian, Sharon and Sue, who work very hard with both performer and coaches. World Class funding is showing how well it supports the sport.





Some 24 members of the trampoline fraternity attended this annual conference, held at Lilleshall over the weekend 23-25 January, as opposed to one member in 2002 and two members in 2003! This was an excellent turnout, with those present enjoying the various lectures presented by John Beer, Jake Bailey, Lynda Kouache, Sue Lawton and Martin laws. Thanks to Cathy Page for arranging the lectures. The 2005 Technical Conference is scheduled for 21-23 January. See you all there.Ed.



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