BRITISH GYMNASTICS: Trampoline Technical Committee

September 2001

Editor: John D Beeton:

John D Beeton

Since the last issue of Trampoline News, trampoline sports have had a number of successes in three major competitions, starting with the World Championships in Odense, DEN during the month of July, when Claire Wright took a brilliant third place in the ladies individual competition, to add to the bronze medal she had won in the ladies team event two days earlier. This was an excellent result for our ladies team, and with a little bit of luck, the pairing of Claire and Kirsten Lawton could very well have been on the winners podium at the end of the synchronized event.

Our success in Denmark was quickly followed by a silver medal in the ladies synchronized competition in the World Games, which were held during the month of August in Akita JPN. where it took a further World Record from the Ukraine World Champions to keep Claire and Kirsten out of gold medal slot. This was a brilliant effort by our girls and they are to be congratulated, not only for holding their present world class form in the finals, despite them knowing just beforehand that an emergency had been declared in Akita, resulting in some 200 members of gymnastics having to depart Akita for Tokyo that evening – owing to the typhoon that had hit Japan some two days previous, and which was now rapidly heading for Akita.

Whilst the remainder of the British team were heading homewards, Lee Brearley was heading towards Brisbane AUS for the Goodwill Games, where he performed to the same high standard as he had done one year earlier, at the Olympic Games in Sydney, when he placed 6th in the men’s individual final. On this occasion, Lee went one better, finishing in 5th place overall, against many of the same athletes as he had faced in the Olympic Final.

Our tumbling colleagues had their success also at both the World Championships and World Games, with a medal haul of one silver and two individual bronze medals and two team bronze medals. Not to be outdone, our ACRO colleagues were the recipients of two bronze medals in Akita.

Not to be outdone, a number of our younger members performed exceptionally well in the World Age-Group Games, which immediately followed the World Championships. I am also pleased to report, that the FIG have decided to take the WAGs under their wing for future years, thus ensuring that this extremely important event does not disappear from the international calendar.

Further reports on our successes are given later in this issue of Trampoline News.

Nearer to home, there have been reports of a well organized National Championships, held in Birmingham in July, and the members of the NTTC would like to offer their congratulations to all those who were involved.

DMT is progressing in leaps and bounds (no pun meant here) and there are plans to enter a full team in next years Frivolten Cup in Sweden. These are busy times for the sport. Ed.


Scottish Gymnastics have moved to their new address in the Central belt of the country:

Scottish Gymnastics
2 Lint Riggs
Falkirk FK1 1DG

Tel: 01324 886505
Fax: 01324 886507

Contact Details:
Administration Manager: Adele Wade
Administration Officer: Beckie Tillings
Administration Assistant: Rosina Sansom
National Development Officer: Lorna MacLeod
National Coach Education Officer: Lorna Turnbull
Performance and Excellence Manager: Phillippa Musikant


The FIG Executive has ruled that mobile telephones belonging to gymnasts, coaches, judges and officials should be switched off in the competition hall at all FIG Official events. This is seen as a welcome ruling by the FIG Executive. This is ruling that I would like to see extended to all gymnastic event, at all levels. Ed.

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Claire Wright and Kirsten Lawton, holders of the FIG World Record for the Highest Scoring 1st Routine (38.70) in Ladies Synchro (set at the World Championships in Odense DEN in July) were the worthy winners of the Silver Medal in the ladies Synchronised event at the 6th World Games held in Akita JPN in August. The eventual winners, and holders of three current World Records, Elena Movchan and Oxana Tsiguleva UKR had to set a new world record for the Highest Scoring Routine (50.90) to take the title. This was a really exciting final and both Claire and Kirsten are to be heartily congratulated for their success.

However, in the men’s Synchronised event the outcome could not have been more different, with Paul Smyth having great difficulty in focussing and suffered from dizziness just prior to the final. Eventually, he and Lee Brearley had to settle for a fairly mundane routine and finished in 7th position (Diff 7.7).

As well as our success in the trampoline events, our tumbling friends Katherine Peberdy and Robert Small were having their own success, with Kath taking the Silver Medal in the ladies event, and Robert the Bronze in the men’s.

Our ACRO colleagues, not to be outdone, managed to win two Bronze Medals in the men’s pairs and men’s fours.

A very successful World Games for Great Britain all round.

World Age-Group Games
- Great Britain successes -

TRA Individual
Boys 11-12 years
3rd Rhys Philip 32.3/8.1
TRA Synchronised
Boys 11-12 years
2nd Luke Rendall/Thomas Lewis 42.7/8.2
Girls 13-14 years
2nd Stacey Dann/Lauren Allen 44.8/8.9
3rd Katie Seager/Hannah Lewis 44.0/8.5
Boys 13-14 years
1st Paul Noblett/Jem Camble 45.4/8.9
Boys 17+ years
2nd Andrew Coulter/Gary Short 46.4/12.7

Boys 11-12 years
3rd Michael Freeman 60.0

Girls 13-14
1st Samantha Palmer 66.2

Congratulations to all of the above and to all those young gymnasts who travelled to Odense DEN for these Games in July. This was a great effort by all concerned – and the good news is that the Age-Group Games are here to stay under the patronage of the FIG! Ed.


The epic journey for the British team participating in this event (Lee Brearley, John Beer and myself) began on the evening of the 21st August in the city of Akita JPN when HOD and FIG personnel were summoned to an emergency meeting at 2000 hrs, to be informed that all flights and trains for the next two days would possibly be cancelled; and that we had to be ready to depart our hotel that evening by 2230 hrs. owing to the imminent Typhoon due to reach Akita on the 22nd. Although we had all been aware of the approach of the Typhoon, this news, just prior to the finals of the ladies Synchronised event was greeted in silence by the majority of those present. The fact that we were then informed that we were to be transported overnight by buses to Tokyo – a nine hour journey – did not help matters.

In the end, all four coach loads (200 personnel) arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo early the next morning – with those travelling onto Brisbane that evening having 13+ hours to hang around for their connection. To this end, we were quite fortunate and accompanied the rest of the British Team to their overnight accommodation at the ANA Narita Hotel, where we partook of the facilities available until our departure time. Despite the Typhoon, cancellations, late arrivals etc., our flight departed on schedule, and arrived the following morning in Brisbane slightly earlier than planned!

The 2001 Goodwill Games were held in the Australian City of Brisbane during the period 29 Aug – 9 Sep, with 1300 athletes being invited to participate in finals only competitions. Gymnastic – including Trampoline – events were held in the Brisbane Convention Centre, which was within easy walking distance of our accommodation hotel, the Brisbane Sheraton.

The criterion for the invitation to participate in the Goodwill Games was – having been a finalist in the Sydney Olympic Games or a current World Champion, hence the presence of our own Lee Brearley in Brisbane, based on his Olympic Final appearance, where he finished in a credible 6th place. RUS and USA athletes also received an invitation if not within the criterion, as well as a number of reserves from the host country e.g. with the retiral of Ji Wallace (3rd in Sydney) the very promising young Australia Scott Brown was allowed to compete in his place.

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Lee went one better in Brisbane by finishing in 5th place, behind the current world championship medallists of Moskalenko, Chernonos and Villafuerte with Polyarush slipping in between Chernonos and Villafuerte to take third spot. Final placing were:

1. MOSKALENKO Alexandre RUS 28.9 42.6 (16.0) 71.50
2. CHERNONOS Oleksandr UKR 28.5 41.3 (16.2) 69.80
3. POLYARUSH Dimitri BLR 28.4 41.2 (15.6) 69.60
4. VILLAFUERTE Alan NED 28.1 41.0 (15.5) 69.10
5. BREARLEY Lee GBR 28.2 40.4 (15.3) 68.60
6. BROWN Scott AUS 27.9 39.6 (15.2) 67.50
7. WESTON Ryan USA 28.2 38.6 (14.6) 66.80
8. TURGEON Matt CAN 27.0 39.4 (15.8) 66.4

The ladies event was also a thriller with the new World Champion, Anna Dogonadze GER putting her stamp on the event. Results were:

1. DOGONADZE Anna GER 28.8 39.2 (14.0) 68.00
2. KARAVAEVA Irina RUS 28.3 39.4 (14.4) 67.70
3. TSYGULEVA Oksana UKR 28.3 39.0 (13.9) 67.30
4. COCKBURN Karen CAN 28.0 39.1 (14.2) 67.10
5. KARPENKOVA Natalya BLR 27.6 37.6 (12.7) 65.20
6. KHILKO Ekaterina IZB 27.2 37.1 (13.1) 64.30
7. FORBES Robyn AUS 27.7 25.7 (10.4) 53.40
8. MAGUIRE Erin USA 25.9 1.50 (1.5) 27.40

Trampoline Competitions Committee Competition Rule Modifications Effective 1st January 2002
Sue Lawton

  • The FIG World ‘A’ & ‘B’ Routines (2001-2004) will be used for domestic competitions.
  • There will be no compulsory progression to Grade ‘2’ from Grade ‘3’. The competitor may remain at Grade ‘3’ until they are confident to progress.
  • Internationals Returning to Competitive Trampolining If senior international (must have competed in World’s, European’s Four Countries or World Cups) wishes to return to competitive trampolining, after an absence of at least one season, they may return to Senior Men/Ladies. If they fail to retain Elite Status they must return to their age group the following season.
  • If a Youth International then wishes to return after an

absence of at least one season, they may return only to Grade ‘1’ age group. However, they will downgrade to Grade ‘2’ if they do not achieve the Grade ‘1’ Retaining Score that season.

The National Squad Director may request a return to the Senior events, for a competitor, for selection purposes.

  • Competitors who have been downgraded will not be permitted to compete at a higher grade during that competitive season.
  • Email entries do not comply with the Rules for entering competitions. A Club may Email a list of entries, but the Entry Form and payment must be sent to the organizer by the closing date.
  • The Club must now send a Nominated Judges Form to the Judging Events Co-ordinator, no later than the closing date for entries. Note: It is recommended that all Clubs obtain "proof of postage."
  • When entering competitions, Clubs with more than TWO competitors MUST provide the first official. The option to pay the 20 fine now only applies to the second official. For competitions in England & Wales, if any of the officials nominated do not turn up for the competition, the Club must provide suitably qualified substitutes. Failure to do so will result in the Club being excluded from the next competition, taking place in England or Wales, at that Grade.
  • The Flight System will be used at all Grade ‘2’ Qualifying Competitions.
  • At all British Gymnastic Events, competitors must be under the supervision of a suitably qualified Coach, who is a BG Member. Clubs who do not have a Coach travelling with their competitors must arrange for a coach from another club to supervise the competitors during their competition. Those who are not designated as officials; and non-BG members, are not allowed on the competition floor.
  • All qualifying Scores from Grade ‘2’ to Grade ‘1’ are increased by 0.5. Those wishing to progress to Grade 1 must have achieved a compulsory score of 23.5 pts. (Still under discussion)
  • To avoid excessive travel by Scottish Competitors, Scottish Gymnastics will be allowed to stage a Grade ‘2’ event.

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only
Tel: 01569 766074 Fax: 01224 705474

FIG ROUTINES (2001-2004)

Men & Ladies – Grade ‘1’
10 Different elements with a Minimum of 270 somersault
(1) one element to front or back
(2) one element from front or back in conjunction with requirement No (1)
(3) one double front or back somersault with or without twist
(4) one double front or back somersault with a minimum of 360 twist
(5) one element with a minimum of 540 twist

Elements cannot be combined to fulfill the above requirements
Under & Over 18 – Grade ‘1’
10 Different elements, 9 of them with a Minimum of 270 somersault

(1) one element to front or back
(2) one element from front or back in conjunction with requirement No (1)
(3) one double front or back somersault with or without twist
(4) one element with a minimum of 540 twist

Elements cannot be combined to fulfill the above requirements


In 2002 the elections will take place at the Technical Assembly on Sunday 27th January at noon. The venue has still to be decided upon and notified to all in due course.

The nomination closing date is 12 noon on 26th Nov 2001

A CV must support each nomination even if the individual is already serving on a National Technical Committee.

It is important that the person nominated has indicated their

Willingness to stand by signing their CV.

The National/Regional Secretary must sign all nomination forms and forms should then be returned to BG head office no later than 12 noon on 26th November 2001.

A list of persons nominated for each post, plus voting cards, will be forwarded to the Home Nation/Regional Secretary on 3rd December 2001. The Home Nation/Regional TCs are requested to nominate an individual to attend the Technical Assembly to vote, using the voting cards. Copies of the final nominations will be sent to the respective Technical Chairs and Policy Board representatives.

Newly elected Technical Committee Members will take up their post immediately.

Posts for Election 2002 – Trampoline

The list below shows the posts up for election in 2002, the name of the current incumbent and the duration of office:

Chair: vacant - 2002 for 1 year
Competitions: Sue Lawton – 2002 for 2 years
DMT: Martin Laws – 2002 for 2 years
Coach Education: vacant – 2002 for 2 years

Double Mini-Trampoline

The NTTC have authorised all FIG Brevet DMT Judges as Tutor and Examiner for DMT National Judge Courses.

Martin Laws has been appointed the first DMT Examiner and Tutor.

The following are authorised as DMT Tutor and Examiner, up to, and including DMT Senior Club Coach level:

Steven Grist, Donna Grist, Nick Earle and Lorraine George.

With the success of the recent pilot scheme, it has been decided to run DMT events in conjunction with the two Synchronized competitions – mid-season and Nationals.


The British Gymnastic Members’ Mandatory Liability and Personal Accident Insurance Cover (1 Jul 01-30 Sep 02) is now available. It embraces any Gymnastics and Trampoline activity, as well as club organised social events and gatherings.

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only
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