BRITISH GYMNASTICS: Trampoline Technical Committee


TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 17         December 2002

Editor: John D Beeton:




Martin Laws








A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our trampoline friends. 2002 has been yet another extremely busy year for the sport of Trampolining. Members can be assured however that their affairs are being well looked after.  Looking back over the year, I realise just how much has been achieved and how many people have been involved in the progress we have made in our sport.  I cannot hope to mention all by name or a small rain forest would need to felled to support the printers around the country. However I would like to celebrate a few highlights.


January Technical Assembly saw three elections:

Martin Laws – Chair

Cathy Page - Coach Education

Stephen Grist - Double Mini Trampoline


Those places up for election this January are:

Chair, World Class Liaison and Judging all three existing holders are standing and we look forward to seeing more trampoline representation at the technical assembly in January 2003.


A development plan was introduced at the start of 2002 and I am pleased to say we met every target set out.


As many of you will already know BG is undergoing a review of its organisation. This review toured regions and is now coming to a head. A referendum type circulation was sent out and the current proposal that seems to be gathering strength is an England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales structure for policy etc and England being reformed to handle National affairs.


The Coach Education Panel has continued its work under the watchful eye of Cathy Page and Lloyd Readhead. The CEP has to complete the new coaching structure during 2002 for full integration by 2003.  Courses are now underway at every level of performance. The Criminal Records Bureau came online and Lloyd is now managing this huge process. New coaches are checked automatically and as we all do courses we will go through the process.

Gym Mark set to be introduced next year and this will hold a number of challenges for clubs to meet the new stringent demands from government. However clubs should not fear this process as it is aimed at improving the overall standards for our members.


So much is going on now and the work is being done by so many. The NTTC realise that a great deal of work still needs to be done to ensure that communication with our members meet their needs. Richard Ollerenshaw has now taken the lead role in this sub committee. Craig Bellis of computer scoring fame and Terry Williams also join this sub committee.


The NTTC remained within Budget for 2002 superb efforts from Sue Lawton and John Beeton in their areas of operation kept us on track.


The past twelve months have seen many honours coming to British Gymnastics, and especially in the sport of Trampolining. Who can forget the fantastic European results we achieved in St Petersburg? This I believe is the most successful team BG has ever fielded, second only to Russia. This was of course followed by our Gold Medal in the World Cup Finals for Kirsten Lawton and Claire Wright, amongst other successes for the team.


It is understood that the success of our national squad members has surpassed all of our expectations this year. The efforts of the athletes and their personal coaches, coupled with the work of the national squad coaches, John Beer, Brian Phelps, Ed Toward, Sue Lawton, Paul Luxon, Bill Leach, Sharon Wood, Tony Hull, Dsani Alexander and Nick Earle were tremendous. All deserve our grateful thanks.


Our Competition, Coaching and Judging sub-committees have been working hard throughout the year on our behalf, and it is pleasing to note how successful our domestic competition programme has been, working under the chair of Sue Lawton.


Mike Phillipson has continued to support domestic judging panels, and work is underway on Judging conferences and tutor training for 2003.


The future for our sport looks good under British Gymnastics, and with the co-operation of all trampolinists, we will most certainly go from strength to strength.  As 2003 opens, it goes without saying that we have a great deal of work still to do, but I am confident that Trampolining will remain one of the most successful disciplines of British Gymnastics.



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Sue Lawton


Clubs are reminded that the entry to a Grade 1 and Grade 2 event is a “two part” entry. Failure to submit the competitor entry to the Organiser, and the official’s nomination form  to the Judging Co-ordinator (post dated correctly) will result in the entry being invalid. All are advised to obtain proof of postage.


The distribution of the Competition packs has been delayed owing to the lateness by a number of Regions in submitting graded dates for 2003! We apologise for this delay.


The Competition Committee wishes to thank all of the officials who were so co-operative and hard working, at the Derby Grade 2. Owing to administrative/communication problems, the officials had their day lengthened by one hour. Many thanks to Sally Slinger, Barry Peaker, Linda Lawrie, Donna Grist and Chairs of panels whose co-operation was invaluable. Thanks also to Tracey Whittaker and the organising committee who did a great job under very difficult circumstances, and who were by no means instrumental in the problems encountered.


Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard in 2002 to keep our competition structure thriving. Competitions are dependent on the dedication of the Competition Committee, Judging Committee and all of the competition organisers/regions.


We wish everyone a restful Christmas!




John Beer


World Class Start and Potential


The baseline for acceptance on to one of the programmes is made up of a series of tests, the Physical and Technical Norms, based on age.


Testing days have been held on 19th and 20th October, under the direction of myself (Technical Director), Steve Green (World Class Potential Manager) with Sue Lawton, Sharon Wood, Bill Leach and Brian Phelps as the assessors. 60+ performers were invited to undertake the Norms. However, as there are only 20 Start and 18 Potential places, many will not be offered a place this year.


The final selection will be made, using scores from the last season, from those who pass the Norms tests. There will be set minimum numbers in each age group for both Start and Potential, with this process having  been completed  by  the end

of November past. Places on the programme are for one year only, with the testing process being undertaken once more for the following year. 


As these awards are for performers to access extra training and support – should there be no measurable improvement, then that performers place will be in jeopardy!


The High Performance Centres will also be decided before the end of the year, and High Performance National Coaches appointed.


This is a fantastic opportunity for trampolining to accelerate the improvements we have witnessed over the past few years, and it is also an opportunity to build a structure that will produce champions of tomorrow. Trampolining now has full support with Start, Potential and Performance Programmes assisting 44 performers in their training.


All programmes are awards to give extra training opportunities, and not rewards for performance!



National Youth Squad

Bill Leach


The National Youth Squad members have had a fantastic year, having won the annual match against Germany in Dillenburg by 23.3 points. During the current year a number of the more experienced youth members have been invited to train with the senior squad. This has given them invaluable experience as they make the transition from the youth to senior squad status.


The Squad Coaches have worked really hard throughout the year with a whole range of demands made upon them to raise the achievement level of youth squad members. The support services have been outstanding, including the never-ending work of the Physio. Sharon Wood has done a great job, both as a coach, and as a very efficient administrator of the squad’s affairs. I would also like to mention the hard work of Tony Hull and Dsani, who have given up numerous weekends to coach at the squad sessions. Last but not least, I would like to thank John Beer, Sue Lawton, Brian Phelps and Ed Toward who have offered their coaching expertise at youth squad sessions.


The youth are our future, and all of the squad coaches realise how important it is to invest our time and effort to the development of the youth in our sport.



David Ward-Hunt Cup 2002


Gillingham was the venue for the second edition of this event, which attracted entries from both the USA and Europe, as well as our Japanese  UK  resident  Hiroi Tokuma,  who won the Senior


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Ladies TRA event. European entries came from POR, SWE, ESP and BEL.


The two-day – four disciplines - competition was extremely well organised by Liz Laws and her band of helpers, and she is to be congratulated on the high standards of organisation throughout. All appeared to have enjoyed themselves and a number of enquiry’s regarding the 2004 event have already been received from  a number of those European countries present, as well as our American friends. Rostrum placings were:


TRA – Individual


Senior Ladies

01.   Hiroi Tokuma – Portsmouth 36.2/12.1 points

02.   Stephanie Pilborough – Harlington Hawks 32.6/8.3 pts

03.   Lyndsey Tee – Portsmouth 32.4/9.4 points


Junior Ladies

01.   Betanay Kolcu – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 33.9/7.8 points

02.   Jaime Lee Lano – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 33.4/7.8 pts

03.   Tine Vanderheiden – Vlassmse Turnliga  BEL33.2/9.3 p


Senior Men

01.   Garry Smith – Jumpers 41.1/15.8 points

02.   Mark Alexander – Trampoline Promotions 39.3/15.1 pt

03.   Alex Cuenca – National Team ESP 39.3/15.2 points


Junior Men

01.   Chris Hall – High Flyers 35.3/10.3 points

02.   Batughan Kolcu – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 34.0/9.8. pts

03.   Jason Harvey – Central Galaxy 33.0/9.1 points


TRA – Synchronised


Senior Ladies

01.   Tee/Tokuma – Portsmouth 43.7/7.6 points

02.   Brennan/Pilborough – Harlington Hawks 42.2/7.8 pts

03.   McCarthy/Shipman – Ministry of Air 41.8/7.0 points


Junior Ladies

01.   Allen/Dann – High Flyers 45.9/11.1 points

02.   Lano/Lolco – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 43.9/7.8 points

03.   Walmsley/Ashworth – High Flyers 42.2/6.3 points


Senior Men

01.   Dillon/Smith – Birkenhead/Edgbarrow 45.6/9.8 points

02.   Williams/Holland – Ministry of Air 44.4/10.4 points

03.   Swaffer/Smith – Jumpers 43.2/7.2 points


Junior Men

01.   Dodson/Robertson – Potton Saints 43.8/8.1 points

02.   Bascombe/Camble – Ringwood&Bournemouth 43.7/8.1

Spencer/Hall – High Flyers 41.9/7.4 points



Senior Ladies

01.   Ilse despriet – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 62.0/2.5 points

02.   Rosa Esteban – National Team ESP 61.2/2/1 points

03.   Lorraine Cave Brown – Jumpers 59.8/1.6 points


Junior Ladies

01.   Geraldine Standaert – Droningen BEL 60.0/1.6 points

02.   Stephanie de Smet – Droningen BEL 59.9/1.4 points

03.   Florence Malherbe – Droningen BEL 59.9/1.5 points


Senior Men

01.   Javier Guerrero – National Team ESP 63.6/3.1 points

02.   Alex Cuenca – National Team ESP 62.1/3.1 points

03.   Simon Vanballenberghe – Droningen BEL 62.1/2.3 points


Junior Men

01.   Philip Dodson – Potton Saints 62.2/2.5 points

02.   Jem Camble – Ringwood&Bournemouth 62.1/2.7 points

03.   Michael Freeman – Top Flight – 60.4/1.6 points




Senior Ladies

01.   An de Win – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 62.8/5.9 points

02.   Tara Laaker – Illinois Gym Academy USA 60.8/5.5 pts

03.   Mieke de Vriendt – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 59.8/6.6 pts


Junior Ladies

01.   Tine Waes – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 63.5/5.6 points

02.   Kaycee Melvin – Illinois Gym Academy USA 63.2/5.5 pts

03.   Genevieve Cools – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 62.9/5.6 points


Senior Men

01.   Frederic Celini – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 67.9/8.9 points

02.   Christopher Porter – West Bromwich 67.3/7.3 points

03.   Joe Armer – Bromley Valley 63.5/7.3 points


Junior Men

01.   Michael Scott Bewley – Bromley Valley 64.8/6.7 points

02.   Tim Busschots – Vlaamse Turnliga BEL 63.2/6.8 points

03.   Jeremiah Williams – Illinois Gym AcademyUSA 63.0/5.6



Great Britain triumph in Russia


15 medals – 3 x gold, 6 x silver and 6 x bronze – was the total of European (Senior and Youth) Trampoline, Tumbling and DoubleMini-trampoline medals, from these Championships held in St Petersburg RUS during  9-17 November. What a triumph for our gymnasts and coaches who received numerous accolades from a number of federations taking part. It was indeed an  honour  to be  part of such a successful British  team.  Results


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make very interesting reading. I also believe that the medal tables below speak for themselves!


Youth Results


01.   RUS 10 Medals: 6 gold, 4 silver

02.   BLR 07 Medals: 3 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze

03.   GBR 06 Medals: 3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze


Senior Results


01.   RUS 10 Medals: 7 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze

02.   GBR 09 Medals: 5 silver, 4 bronze

03.   UKR 05 Medals: 2 gold, 2 silver 1 bronze


Youth/Senior (combined) Results


01.   RUS 20 Medals: 13 Gold, 6 Silver, 1 Bronze

02.   GBR 15 Medals: 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze         

03.   BLR 10 Medals: 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze  


Roll of Honour



Girls Trampoline Individual

Hannah Lewis GOLD

Girls Tumbling Individual

Samantha Palmer GOLD

Girls Trampoline Team

Lewis/Driscoll/Dann/Allen GOLD   

Girls Tumbling Team

Palmer/McLean/MacGonagle/MacLean SILVER

Boys DMT Individual

Dominic Swaffer BRONZE

Girls Synchronised Trampoline

Driscoll/Lewis BRONZE

Girls DMT Individual

Katherine Driscoll 4th

Boys Synchronised Trampoline

Milliner/Joyce 5th

Boys Tumbling Team

Scott-Beaulieu/Mews/Burrows/Aspinall 5th



Ladies Tumbling Individual

Kathryn Peberdey SILVER

Ladies Synchronised Trampoline

Lawton/Wright SILVER

Men’s Synchronised Trampoline

Milnes/Alexander SILVER

Ladies Tumbling Team

Peberdey/Cheung/Sala/Gough SILVER

Men’s DMT Team

Stokes/Rate/Eager SILVER

Men’s Trampoline Team

Smyth/Milnes/Smith/Brearley BRONZE

Men’s Tumbling Individual

Robert Proctor BRONZE

Men’s Tumbling Team

Proctor/Gibson/Small/Walters BRONZE

Ladies Trampoline Team

Wright/Lawton/Necco/O’Connor BRONZE

Ladies Individual Trampoline

Kirsten Lawton 6th

Claire Wright 8th

Ladies DMT Individual

Stephanie Coyte 6th


This was the largest British Gymnastics team (56 members) to depart for a major European event and as Head of Delegation I can honestly say that it was a great privilege to be part of such a well motivated/successful team. My thanks to all gymnasts, coaches, judges, physios AND our travelling support for making this particular sortie into Europe a most memorably one, in more ways than one! Ed.



Wright and Lawton on top of the World in Hanover


Claire Wright and Kirsten Lawton maintained their world number one spot last weekend in Hanover GER with a solid display of synchronised trampolining to take the 2002 World Cup Final title over the Canadian pairing of Karen Cockburn and Heather Ross McManus, with Anna Dogonadze Lilkendey and Tina Ludwig GER in third place. Claire and Kirsten have worked hard over the past two years to reach this goal and they are to be congratulated for their efforts. British Gymnastics can be rightly proud of their achievements in this particular discipline. Well done ladies.


In the ladies individual final, Claire finished in fourth place, whilst Kirsten finished in 8th place.


Mark Alexander and Simon Milnes were very unlucky not to feature in the medal ceremonies, finishing in fourth place in the men’s synchronised event with the same score as the third place pairing of Nikolai Kazak and Vladimir Kakorko BLR 49.5 points.  The event was won by Laifa/Jala FRA 49.6 points, with Moskalenko/Knychev RUS in silver medal place with the same number of points.


In the tumbling finals Ross Gibson took silver medal in the men’s event (Robert Small – fourth) with Kathryn Peberdy winning the bronze medal in the ladies event.


1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and three fourth places were really excellent results in these 2002 World Cup Finals. Congratulations to all team members and their coaches. Ed.


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Competitors! Are your coaches qualified to go on the floor at competitions with you?


From 1st January 2003 competitors will only be allowed to perform competitively those moves that lie within the syllabus of those who are on the competition floor with them.


Failure to have a coach adequately qualified with you may mean you have to withdraw, or you have to perform a routine using only those moves which lie within your coach’s qualification syllabus as below:


Club Coach (BTF Advanced Part I) may be on the floor with moves up to:-


Shaped backs/baranis

Crash dive, Barani ballout

Half twisting back somersaults

Lazy back cody

Front somersault to front

Back somersault to seat or back


Senior Club Coach (passed in 2002) or Advanced Part II (coaches who have passed the half out module)


Half out tucked and piked


High Performance Coach or BTF Senior Coach


Rudi out tucked and piked

Full in half out tucked and piked

Half in half out tucked and piked

Half in tucked and piked

Half out tucked and piked

Double bounce roll; fliff ball out tucked and piked


International Performance Coach and BTF Senior Coach


Triffs and multi-twisting doubles


If your coach is not adequately qualified – keep your routines to moves they are qualified to coach or if you sometimes train with someone who is adequately qualified (e.g. at a regional or national squad) they may be able to stand in for your coach on the day. BUT:


·        They must be asked first if they are prepared to be there on the day and stand in as your coach.

·        Their name must go on the entry form to show that they will be there for you.



If you are going to be  put down  as the coach  in  charge on the

Day, you must:-


·        Know the competitor and have seen what routines they are likely to perform.

·        Take responsibility for those routines.

·        Be present at the competition.




Mike Phillipson


Jewelry and Body Piercing


As from 1st January 2003 ALL jewelry and body piercing should be removed for trampolining competition and training. Taped jewelry will no longer be permitted under any circumstance and all body piercing should be removed, even if it is under the leotard.


This also applies to spotters as well, whom, as a matter of course, should be in suitable sports clothing.


·        Chairs of Judges at competitions are asked to follow this rule very strictly.

·        Clubs need to speak to their performers about this, as children with ‘newly’ pierced ears will have to remove them if they intend to compete. It is the responsibility of the club coach/team manager to ensure this rule is followed.




Scottish Gymnastics


All office staff at Scottish Gymnastics now have new e-mail addresses:


Office enquires:


Administrative Manager:

Adele Wade

Administrative Officer:

Kirsty Hamill

Administrative Assistant:

Amanda Alston

Performance Officer:

Karen Taylor

Education Officer:

Lorna Turnbull

Education Assistant:

Gale Scott

Finance Manager:

Marion McKay


Web Site:



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Travel Tales: the long haul home to Sweden


A number of readers will already have heard of the trials and tribulations of a number of federations, including the British Team of 56 members, and their endeavours to leave St Petersburg after the UEG Championships in November, when the city was suddenly brought to a standstill by a drop of approximately 8 Celsius within a two hour period, resulting in cancellations and aircraft being diverted to Moscow, whilst others had the de-icing machines working overtime, to no avail.


The Swedish team were particularly hard hit, as the following lighthearted letter from Martin Thornsen (the tall one) to Martin Laws (the short one) illustrates:


“Hi there, Shorter one! Firstly, thanks for a wonderful week and lots of fun in St Petersburg! But on travel……I trust you had a pleasant flight back to London… As you may know, the flight to Copenhagen didn’t leave at all on Sunday and we were instead moved to the SAS Radisson Hotel in downtown St Petersburg. The girls (I had three juniors with me) were a bit (mildly put) grumpy at that time, but the five-star rating of the hotel, and the fact that they were given a suite (normally costing USD 500 a night) eased that very well, and we were back at the airport Monday morning at 7am. The flight was then supposed to leave at 0845am.


At 0900am some new passengers boarded the aircraft, having been re-booked onto our flight instead of the Lufthansa flight they should have taken (but that one couldn’t even land in St Petersburg and was routed to Warsaw)! Then some hours of paperwork started, as we were now too heavy because of the fuel, and there was no apparatus in St Petersburg that could load fuel OFF an airplane, only the other way round. Thus, after sitting in the plane for two hours, the Lufthansa passengers were asked to deplane again, and then we could finally lift off, only to find that there was no catering in St Petersburg on a Monday morning. Meaning that after having breakfast at 0600am six hours later, we were now sitting ten kilometers up in the air, drinking coffee and eating nuts.


And then we landed in Copenhagen, only to find that the luggage handlers were on strike, prompting the cancellation of several flights, including some from Copenhagen to Gothenburg. Another five hours wait. But at least, they had food in Copenhagen! And of course, the flight that finally took us to Gothenburg had a damaged nose-wheel, delaying us even further.


Twenty-six hours after the planned arrival time in Gothenburg, we finally got there. It might have been slightly faster on foot. The best commentary,  though,  came  from  the  captain  of our

Flight. He was asked by one of the passengers why we could not lift off, when other captains (most notably the Czech) apparently could. His answer was “I have flown before. I do not know if they have”…


Best wishes, Lighthouse”





The cost of trampoline competition entry fees is set specifically to cover all competition  costs, plus general expenses. Clubs are required to provide officials at the appropriate levels for the competitions, and are responsible for any expenses incurred by their own officials.





Despite numerous rumours regarding the above, the format for the 2003 event to be held in Hanover, will be as previous, with four age groups:


11-12 years of age

13-14 years of age

15-16 years of age

17+ age



It’s Good to Talk

Richard Ollerenshaw


“Why weren’t we told about the rules?” coaches asked after the 2001 changes. The Judging co-ordinator, Mike Phillipson had infact circulated details to each region, and they had appeared in a ‘Trampoline News’. But clearly they had not reached everyone!


Poor communications have been a problem for many years in all sports. Great improvements have come under BG as course dates and big competition news have appeared in the bimonthly ‘Gymnast’. Further improvements will come as ‘Gymnews’ carries more technical information, and as associate members receive their own ‘Springboard’ magazine, which will ensure everyone hears exciting news like the fantastic results at the recent World Cup and European Championships.


But in the end it is up to us, the trampolining community, to ensure communication works, by getting the important information and the news into the magazine quickly, and ensuring information flows smoothly through regions to clubs and back to the Committees.


One step forward has been the introduction  of a communications


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

%96510 : 474507 42210 :xaF 470667 ku.oc.los.fcasnodrog@oec


Group to keep track of where information should be going. The group is currently contacting each region to find out whom they want news to go to, and how they want to receive it, to make it easiest and quickest to send out to their clubs and coaches.


So when the Judging Secretary, Competition, Coach Education or Technical Committee have an announcement to make, they will be able to pass it onto the communications group, who will send it straight onto the named contact in each region, for distribution to individual clubs. A few e-mails later and the information should be with every club in the country, while it is also passed onto the editors of the BG magazines for their next issue. And the process will work in reverse; a region needing to send out details about a competition it is organising can pass information straight onto the communications group etc.


Craig Bellis, already familiar to many for his role co-ordinating computers and results at competitions, will be continuing to serve competition results, available soon after each event, while Terry Williams is applying his efforts to creating an indexed, searchable archive of results on-line. But this information is currently only available where these officers have contact. Please send all results in, perhaps with photos and a brief report where applicable, for publication in appropriate media.


On the horizon is an on-line group for new coaches, to ensure they receive important news relevant to teaching in schools and small classes direct to their inbox, with useful articles and contact details available on their own webpages. If successful, the approach could be used to target other types of information to groups of coaches who want it.


Regions are getting in on the act too; South-East trampoline details at; Welsh details; West Midlands at Schools (BSGA) competition details at http://schools,


The bottom line is that by working together, we can improve communications, which can only help clubs and coaches across the country. Communications is a two-way process and it is vital that clubs and coaches feed information down to BG and its working groups, just as much as BG works to feed information up to its clubs and coaches. New ideas and improvements can only come if everyone gets involved and works together – so let’s make a start!


As BT told us: “It’s good to talk”





The aim of the British Gymnastics schemes are to assist Teachers,  Gymnastics  and  Trampoline  coaches  by providing

An organised and fun approach to teaching children.


For more details visit the BG web-site or e-mail: or telephone 0845 1297129 Ext. 355 fax: 0845 1249089 Gymnastics Enterprises Ltd, Unit 1, Lilleshall Hall farm, Newport, Shropshire TF10 9AS Ed.




Cathy Page




Criminal Records Disclosure Scheme (CRB): came on board in October – each new coach having to get the form filled in and presented to the course tutor with £3 fee for voluntary coaches and £15 for paid coaches, payable to BG. It is the enhanced clearance that is required. Forms are obtained from CRB on 0870 909 0844. You will be asked the Governing body registration number which is 203 701 00009.


Two New Training Modules: Child Protection – Awareness and Implementation - are now up and running in regions. The course costs £60 for the tutor of the 3 hour course, plus expenses, and can be run for up to 20 candidates.


17-18 year olds: get reduced fees for all courses from August. They pay for membership, resources and facility hire. The region gets a rebate from the regional college for approximately £30 for Couch course.




International Performance Coach: the following passed their IPC practical examination at the assessment in Gillingham in July:- Martin Laws, Sue Lawton, Bill Leach, Paul Luxon, Brian Phelps, Biz Scales, Claire Thomson, Ed Toward and Sharon Wood. Congratulations to all of them.


Accidents: trampolining has been identified as one of the main causes of insurance claims. And worse, the claims are higher than other disciplines. Please report all your accidents as you are asked to do by the insurance company. Any injury that requires a visit to the hospital should be reported. When this is done we will be able to see what sort of accidents are giving rise to claims, and which scenarios are causing accidents. Then we can address the problems through the Coach courses.


Code of Practice: a new Code of Practice was introduced in 2000 – it is coming up for review – if any of you have comments on it, or haven’t seen it, please contact myself.


Tutor Training: anyone wishing to become a tutor or examiner should be proposed by their Region (sent to Lloyd Readhead at BG),  attend  the  BG induction day (March 29/30),  a trampoline


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

%96510 : 474507 42210 :xaF 470667 ku.oc.los.fcasnodrog@oec



 (planned for new year ? Feb), and attend courses under the guidance of mentor tutors until mentor/s agree that they are ready to run a full course and can be assessed. There is a great need for new tutors to come forward in the Midlands, east Midlands, Yorkshire and Northern regions. The demand for courses is enormous.


New Tutors/Examiners: the new IPC Coaches who are also experienced tutors have been up-graded to tutor at all levels and be second examiners, i.e. Martin Laws, Bill Leach and Biz Scales.


Teacher’s Awards: a 4-hour module developed to upgrade teachers to coach back somersault. The Teachers course will include back somersault, from 2003. They will then be able to attend a Club Coach course on joining BG.


BTF Advanced Part 2 Coaches: those Advanced Part 2 coaches who may wish to go on to High Performance Coach in the future need to do the 4-hour ½ out module. One took place in Birkenhead. It is possible to join a Senior Club Coach course for the final day. There is a registration/certification fee of £10 plus any tutor/facility costs. There is a senior Club Coach course in Portsmouth finishing on 15th February of the senior Club Coach*


Incomplete/Unexamined courses: anyone who has not completed the course or examination for these old BTF courses will need to study the Common Core before examination in addition to any sections of the course which they have not completed.


Lapsed Coaches: up to 4 years lapsed – renew membership; 5-8 years re-examined at appropriate level; beyond 8 years attend full course and examination.


Qualifications to be on Competition Floor with Competitors: each coach who enters their performers in a competition should be qualified to coach the moves their pupils are doing. This means they have not only done the course but have passed it.


Tutors/Examiners Seminar: the next one will be held on 6/7 September at Loughborough (hopefully).





World Cup Series 2003-2004: at present a number of countries have intimated their interest in hosting a Category A event, but there have been no firm bids. Countries who have shown interest, include GER BLR USA DEN CHI FRA and CAN. Hopefully, the situation will become clearer by the beginning of the year. It is interesting to note that no federation as yet applied to host a Category B event either!

World Cup Ranking List: Supplement No 2 attached to this Newsletter contains up-todate information.
Olympic Test Event: now confirmed as 13-24 March 2004 on Athens. This will be an invitation event.


Olympic Games 2004: the trampoline events will be held on 20th and 21st August.


Synchronised Equipment: testing on the synchronised equipment has taken place for all six events in  the 2001-2002 World Cup series, with excellent results. The TR TC have decided that the equipment is now ready for usage in competition, without further testing, and the FIG will be approached, seeking validation. However, it will still be necessary to have a judge to operate the equipment (i.e. press the necessary button to begin the process) whilst at the same time taking scores for synchronisation. The production/costs factor have still to be worked out, as well as the date of introduction of the system - probably January 2005.


Judges Draw: to include Difficulty Judges. To be introduced as from 2005 as a necessity.


British Gymnastics Trampolining

Double Mini-Tramp – Club Coach Course


Course Detail: this is an add-on-module for those at Club Coach level. It is to train coaches in the use of the Double Mini-Tramp up to the level of the Club Coach Trampoline syllabus – i.e. backs and baranis.

Entry Requirements: all applicants should hold the Trampoline Club Coach Award.

Venue: Birkenhead Sports Centre, Grange Road West, Birkenhead (Tel: 652 9336)

Dates: Saturday/Sunday 4/5 January 2003. There is a practical and theory assessment on the Sunday.

Times: 1000-1700 hrs both days.

Tutor: Donna Grist – Welsh Squad.

Course Organiser: Cathy Page, 9 Holt Hill Terrace, Birkenhead CH42 5LB t&f 0151 201 2273

Course Fee: £50 (inclusive of Exam fee, Resources, Course fee) payable to;- North West Trampoline and sent to above address by 20th December 2002. You should already be a full BG member. 18 year olds have reduced fee of £20. Places on these courses fill up early, so application should be made as early as possible.



A Very Merry Christmas to you all wherever you may be and every good wish for 2003


John Beeton Editor


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

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British Gymnastics: Trampoline Technical Committee


Editor: John D Beeton:







Unfortunately, the FIG have been unable to attract any member federation to host a Category A World Cup event in the above series as yet, despite a number of potential hosts coming forward with intent.  The FIG TR TC have made strong protest to the FIG Executive on the decision to change the present successful Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup series, to no avail so far. However, I am confident that there will be a number of Category A events held during the series, and hopefully all six!


In the meantime, we should be aware that world cup points can be obtained by attending Category B events (Aalsmeer Flower Cup, Nissen Cup, Scandinavian Open etc). However, again, I have to report that there has been no request to the FIG from any of the organisers of these events to have the event recognised as a Category B event.


To remind everyone, points can be obtained as follows:


Olympic Games or World Games

1st 150 2nd 125 3rd 100 4th 70 5th 60 6th 50 7th 40 8th 30

World Championships

1st 125 2nd 100 3rd 75 4th 60 5th 50 6th 40 7th 35 8th 20

World Cup Final

1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50 4th 30 5th 25 6th 20 7th 15 8th 10

Continental Championships or Games

1st 75 2nd 50 3rd 30 4th 16 5th 13 6th 10 7th 07 8th 04

A Tournaments

1st 50 2nd 35 3rd 25 4th 15 5th 12 6th 09 7th 06 8th 03

B Tournaments

1st 30 2nd 20 3rd 15 4th 10 5th 08 6th 06 7th 04 8th 02

National Championships

1st 10 2nd 05 3rd 03


Beginning of the New World Ranking Lists


I expect the new FIG World Ranking Lists for TRA and TUM to be published this month sometime, with the following events being counted:


·        Olympic Games 2000

·        World Games 2001 – for Synchro and Tumbling

·        World Championships 2001


·        World Cup Final 2002


The total points gained in these events will be the OPENING balances for the gymnasts at 1st JANUARY 2003.


It is therefore estimated that British gymnasts will begin the new series with the following points:



Olympic Games 2000

Lee Brearley – 50 points (6th)


Running Totals:

Lee Brearley – 50 points



World Championships 2001

Claire Wright – 75 points (3rd)

World Cup Final 2002

Claire Wright – 30 points (4th)

Kirsten Lawton – 10 points (8th)


Running Totals:

Claire Wright – 105 points

Kirsten Lawton – 10 points



World Championships 2001

Paul Smyth/Lee Brearley – 40 points (6th)

World Cup Final 2002

Simon Milnes/Mark Alexander – 30 points (4th)



Paul Smith/Lee Brearley – 40 points

Simon Milnes/Mark Alexander – 30 points



World Games 2001

Claire Wright/Kirsten Lawton –  125 points (2nd)

World Championships 2001

Claire Wright/Kirsten Lawton – 60 points (5th)

World Cup Final 2002

Claire Wright/Kirsten Lawton – 100 points (1st)


Running Totals:

Claire Wright/Kirsten Lawton – 285 points


The FIG will be responsible for keeping track of points gained during the series, but it is recommended that the National Squad Director of TRA keep his own records for cross checking. Ed


Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only

%96510 : 474507 42210 :xaF 470667 ku.oc.los.fcasnodrog@oec