BRITISH GYMNASTICS: Trampoline Technical Committee

TRAMPOLINE NEWS No 3 August 2000

Editor: John D Beeton:


Malcolm Clark

Further to the information in the last Trampoline News about coaching, all tutors and examiners will be addressed by Lloyd Readhead on 9 September 2000. The previous evening, all BTF Staff coaches have been requested to attend an International Performance Coach revalidation workshop at Lilleshall. The new coaching scheme is expected to come into operation by 1 January 2001.

Double Mini-Trampoline development is progressing and John Beer and Martin Laws are working out details of how to integrate training and competition. As soon as they make firm proposals, the Trampoline Technical committee will discuss them, and any possible implementation. The two options for development are:

  • to set up a separate Double Mini-Trampoline organisation
  • to incorporate Double Mini-Trampoline into the existing system of judging, coaching and competitions etc.

It would appear that option 2 is the favourate at present. I am certain John and Martin will welcome any input.

The World Cup at Guildford on 24 June had a record entry of 53 men and 40 women, with 23 out of 24 Olympians competing. This was by far the largest entry for any FIG Trampoline World Cup to-date. The Meridian Television Company screened the event in July past.

To enable schools to participate in British Schools Gymnastics Association trampolining, a fee of 10 per school, in every Region, has been agreed. This means that for just one payment, a school can participate in all the various British Gymnastics disciplines.

You will all be aware that 146 College Road closed at the end of June. All trampoline matters are now being dealt with by British Gymnastics are their Headquarters in Lilleshall. Hopefully, the integration of trampoline administration at Lilleshall is running smoothly. However, if you are experiencing any problems, then please contact David Minnery on 01952 820330.

The Trampoline Technical Committee has set in motion the process of bringing the World Championships to Great Britain. It is early days yet, but we will keep you informed of progress.

Finally, once again, can I ask each Region to let the Trampoline Technical Committee know their views on British Gymnastics membership fees? Without any positive suggestions, we will make slow progress in reducing membership costs.





Chair of Judges Panel: Nikolai Makarov FIG TC
Assistant: John D Beeton FIG TC
Judge No 1 Execution: Waldemar Okoniewski POL
Judge No 2 Execution: Marcos Oliveira BRA
Judge No 3 Execution: Erik Juhl Mogensen DEN
Judge No 4 Execution: David Wareham AUS
Judge No 5 Execution: Rui Vinagre POR
Judge No 6 Difficulty: Jos Kerkhoven FIG TC
Judge No 7 Difficulty: Filipe Carvalho FIG TC


Chair of Judges Panel: John D Beeton FIG TC
Assistant: Filipe Carvalho FIG TC
Judge No 1 Execution: Waldemar Okoniewski POL
Judge No 2 Execution: Marcos Oliveira BRA
Judge No 3 Execution: Erik Juhl Mogensen DEN
Judge No 4 Execution: David Wareham AUS
Judge No 5 Execution: Rui Vinagre POR
Judge No 6 Difficulty: Ulf Andersson FIG TC
Judge No 7 Difficulty: Nikolai Makarov FIG TC

Superior Jury: Women
Horst Kunze
Jos Kerkhoven FIG TC

Superior Jury: Men
Horst Kunze
Ulf Andersson FIG TC

Jury of Appeal
Jay Ashmore FIG EC
Ron Froehlich FIG EC
Emanuel Durand FIG TC

The next meeting of the TTC will be held in Luton on the 8/9th September 2000

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Bert Scales

The Assessors and Tutors Seminar will be held for the first time, at Lilleshall during the period 9-10th September 2000. It will be led by Lloyd Readhead to familiarise personnel with the British Gymnastics process for Coach Education, and explain the proposals for the Trampoline syllabus. Day 2 will concentrate on furthering development of Resource material for courses in 2001.

The "Trampoline Teachers Award" (an NCF initiative aimed at Specialist P.E Teachers in England) piloted last year, has again proven popular, and courses throughout the country began in June. The revised Resources Pack for this course, produced by a task force, led by Biz Scales, will also assist in the development of resource material for other levels of coach award.


FIG World Records – World records can only be set at World, Intercontinental and Continental Championships, the Olympic Games and World Cup Finals.



What do they do?

At the invitation of the Chair, Bunny (Michael) Warren, British Gymnastics Deputy President (Technical Development), Liz Scales (Teachers Award Resources Pack), John Beer (Director of Performance) and Sharon Wood (National Squad Administrator) attended the meeting in Luton.

The six-hour meeting covered all aspects of the sport, from the non-appearance of TTC headed paper to the expected new FIG Code of Points 2001-2004.

The attendance of the Director of Performance and Squad Administrator gave the members the opportunity to hear at first hand about the new criteria for inclusion into both squads (also to appear in "The Gymnews"), as well as arrangements for the squad to project a more professional appearance during squad training sessions, by wearing the appropriate squad attire.

The squad coaches, with Bill Leach taking the lead role, have agreed to make all the necessary arrangements for the entries/travel/accommodation etc., for the World Age-Group Games event in 2001.

The Chair reported on the latest situation with regards to the sport of Trampolining being admitted onto the Programme of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, whilst it

was also agreed to make an approach to the FIG, via British Gymnastics, to host both the World Championships and World Age Group Games in 2003.

The David Ward-Hunt Cup competition, proposed by Jumpers Rebound was given the green light, and will be run under the auspices of British Gymnastics. For the current year, this will be a Domestic event only, hopefully turning into an international competition in 2001.

The venue for the Technical Assembly was finalised, as were the venues for a number of our forthcoming international competitions in 2001-2002.

Discussion on the various British Gymnastics Publications resulted in members being asked to contribute to The Gymnast (circulation to all BG members) reports of all events. Gymnews (clubs, head coaches, National Officers, Regional Secretaries) technical items, and Trampoline News (as wide a distribution as possible) information specific to their job description on the TTC Committee.

It was also agreed that the term Trampolinist should be the term used when referring to competitors in our sport.

Other agenda items included reports on competition financing, membership, drug liaison, the Nationals, Judges brevets, coach accreditation, Teachers award and Tutor’s trousers (a very interesting topic!). Ed.



September: A reminder that nominations, along with a CV for each nominee, must be sent to the BG office, on specific nomination forms. An Affiliated Body may nominate a member from their own Body or any other Affiliated Body. One week after the closing date for nominations, a list of all candidates, plus their CVs, will be sent to each Affiliated Body, with copies to each TTC member. Each Affiliated Body determines how to select the members they wish to support.

  1. Each region’s nomination for each of the 6 positions can be for a person from anywhere round the Regions i.e. not necessarily from their own Region.
  2. A Region can decide how they wish to arrive at their 6 nominations e.g.
  1. via the committee meeting
  2. via a committee round robin via a meeting called of all the Region members

November: each Affiliated Body is sent the appropriate voting cards for each seat up for election. Accompanying the voting cards will be confirmation of the date, time and venue of the Assembly. As a reminder, the Trampoline Assembly is scheduled

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only
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to be held at the Novotel, Birmingham, on Sunday the 3rd December 2000 when we hope to see a large turnout of members Ed.


It is with deepest regret that the TTC announces the passing away of Erich Kinzel. Erich was one of the founder members of the International Trampoline Federation (FIT) in 1964. At first, he was the Secretary General of the FIT and became President in 1967. During his 23 years of Presidency (until 1990) Erich developed the FIT into a worldwide, IOC recognised Federation. His vision as President, and his qualities of administration and political leadership, brought him universal respect. He was nominated Honorary President of the FIT in 1990.

After his retirement, Erich continued to be actively interested in the FIT, and his advice could be sought at any time. It is indeed sad that he misses seeing his beloved sport enter the Olympic Arena. Ed.



DATE: Sunday 5th November 2000

VENUE: Lutterworth Grammar School, Leicestershire – close to M1/M6 Birmingham/East Midlands Airports 40 miles. Nearest Railway Stations, Market Harborough/Rugby.

This is an opportunity for all judges at grades Divisional and upwards to:

  • Consider the New Code of Points (2001-2004)
  • Look at training film for courses
  • Consider 9+ execution routines for sets/voluntaries

Ideas for other sessions would be welcomed.
Running parallel to these sessions will be the information day component for those interested in starting tutor training.

COST: There is no cost for this day and light refreshments will be provided.

Further details can be obtained from:
Peter Heames TTC Member (Judge Education)
fax: 0116 2865518 e-mail:


John Beeton

The 4 x year International programme is beginning to take shape, and already we have a number of fixtures in the calendar that will hopefully become permanent. We are also looking at ways of introducing more competition for our younger squad members. The 2001 programme is as follows:

05-08 Apr 4 x Countries GBR FRA GER DEN (GBR)
00 Jun GBR v RUS TR+TU Cardiff
08-10 Jun Martin Cup Newry
00 Jun 4 x Nations GBR DEN CZE GER (CZE)
25 Jul FIG Symposium Odense (DEN)
26-28 Jul World Championships Odense (DEN)
31 Jul-5 Aug World Age-Group Games Odense (DEN)
16-26 Aug World Games Akita (JPN)
00 Sep GBR v GER Youth International Reading
00 Oct/Nov Home Nations Youth International Scotland
00 Jan-Dec 2/3 x FIG World Cup (POR)+(RUS)!

If all goes according to plan, we intend to host another FIG World Cup event in 2002, as well as an international match against Canada.



Peter Heames

I have asked the following to form a small committee with the task of addressing some of the aspects of judge education that require development:

Tony Hull – South
Sally Slinger - East
Stephen Grist – Wales
Peter Heron – North West

I am pleased to report that they have all accepted and are looking forward to developing this area of activity. In addition, I will be inviting other experienced judges to share in developing tasks, which require specific expertise (developing video materials for example). I see the following as the major tasks for the rest of the year:

1. Development of the judges award scheme
1.1 Reflecting the changes in competition structure
1.2 Embracing BG philosophy where appropriate
1.3 Developing improved materials for both training and
1.4 Harmonising the scheme to include Scotland
1.5 Developing a DMT component

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only
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To prepare for the new Code of Points (2001-2004)

To address the issue of judging quality, particularly at Grade 1.

This is a challenging agenda and it may not be possible to complete the work in all areas, but hopefully, we will make a positive start.

Members of the committee would welcome constructive suggestions, preferably in writing.


A FIG International Judging Course is scheduled to be held in the UK during the period 9-11 Mar 01, at a venue still to be decided upon. Course tutors will be Peter Heames and Mike Phillipson. Further details to be issued in due course.



The TTC are pleased to announce the introduction of the above event into the Calendar of Events. As you are all aware, this competition, to honour David’s memory, is the initiative of the Jumpers Rebound Centre.

The competition will be held in Gillingham during the period 11-12th November and offers entries for all three disciplines of our sport, both at junior and senior levels. If you have not already done so, I would urge you to enter now.

All participants and clubs must be affiliated to British Gymnastics.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Dsani Alexander or Martin Laws at Jumpers Rebound Centre, Mill Road, Gillingham Kent ME7 1HN tel: 01634 855507 fax: 01634 582351 Email:


The 2003 World Championships have been allocated to the City of Hanover. Planned dates are 27-29 October.



Dimitri Poliarusch BLR set a new World Record score of 42.10 points (highest scoring voluntary round) in the men’s individual final at the World Cup competition, held in Guildford last June. At the same event, the Ukranian pairing of Elena Movchan and Oksana Tsiguleva equaled the current world record score of 48.0 points (highest scoring voluntary round) in the ladies synchronised event. Both records have been ratified by the FIG Ed.


British Qualifiers

Claire Wright, by placing third in the Guildford event; adding 8 points to the 4 already gained in Australia, has qualified for the ladies individual event at the World Cup Finals in Dessau in December. Claire will be joined in Germany by her Synchro partner, Kirsten Lawton. Both ladies have qualified for the synchronised finals with 18 points.

Not to be outdone, the men’s pairing of Simon Milnes and Mark Alexander, have qualified for the men’s synchronised final with 16 points.



Bob Richardson

A five year plan for competitions has now been approved by the TTC and will be issued to all competition secretaries, including the Home Nations.

The plan has taken into account the inclusion of Scotland and the formation of the ten English Regions. The main highlights are:

National Grade 1 Competitions

  • There will be seven National Grade 1 Qualifying events
  • Four in England with each of the Home Nations hosting one event
  • One in Northern Ireland
  • One in Scotland
  • One in Wales

The four events in England will be:

  • One North and one South at the beginning of the season (March)
  • One North and one South at the end of the season (May/Jun)
  • The Grade 1 National Championships will be held centrally in The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham for the next five-year period, subject to a satisfactory contract being agreed by BG.

National Grade 2 Competition

  • There will be four Grade 2 National Qualifiers each season, with competitors qualifying to progress to Grade 1 or to compete at the Grade 2 National Championships.
  • One competition in February, May, June and October
  • National Championships in November
  • All Grade 2 competitions, including the National Championships, will rotate throughout the country.

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only
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