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Editor: John D Beeton:

John D Beeton

It has fallen to myself to produce the editorial for this edition of Trampoline News, and I would like to start by congratulating the new members of the TTC on their recent election. They take up their post immediately.

However, it would also be remiss of me if I did not mention those outgoing members for all the work they have carried out for the sport over the past 15 months; namely, Malcolm Clark, Bob Richardson and Bert Scales, all three of whom have worked tirelessly on your behalf since the inception of the TTC. Our grateful thanks to all three for everything they have done.

There have been a number of ongoing activities since the last issue of Trampoline News, and especially on the Judging front, with the Intercontinental Judges Course being held in Bratislava at the end of January, where our two candidates, Peter Heames and Mike Phillipson had varying degrees of success. They were joined on the course by Claire Thomson (who had been entered for the course by Sports Acrobatics) who also had success in the examination.

Following on from this course, an International Judges Course was convened at Lilleshall during the last weekend in March. Results of both courses appear elsewhere in this edition of Trampoline News.

The coming weekend sees the annual 4 x Countries International Match between GBR GER FRA and DEN, which this year is being held in South Shields on Saturday 7th April. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill Leach and his committee for everything they have done to ensure that the match will be successful.

The National Squad are working extremely hard under John Beer’s leadership and looking forward to the many international events due to take place during the remainder of the current year, including the World Championships, World Games, World Cups, Goodwill Games, 4 x Nations and the Youth Match against Germany in September. There is also the inaugural Home Nations Youth International Match being hosted in 2001 by Scotland to look forward to. I am certain that all members will join with me in wishing every success to the National Squad over the coming months.

The news from the International Olympic Committee, late in January, that Trampoline had been granted additional places for Athens was warmly greeted by all, including the FIG Executive,

who were keen that our allocation should be increased, albeit, from outwith their present allocation, without having to upset any of the other Gymnastic disciplines.

With the competition season now well underway, it has been

noted that the new FIG Code of Points has caused some slight problems with interpretation, but it is also pleasing to hear that a number of the difficulties are being overcome, mainly due to the understanding and patience of everyone.

I would like to close this editorial by making a plea to all. The TTC is there to serve you the member. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the TTC if you require information or have suggestions on how better we can serve you. Ed


The International Olympic Committee has informed the FIG of additional 8 places (4 x men 4 women) for trampolining on the occasion of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. This allocation will come directly from the IOC and not, as expected, from the present FIG allocation. This news follows on from the IOC accepting trampolining as an official Olympic discipline, early in January of this year.

The additional numbers are slightly less that expected. However, with the IOC reducing the overall numbers of athletes for Athens to 10.000, this is indeed excellent news for our discipline. The FIG TR TC will decide on how best to allocate these additional numbers at their next meeting.


Readers will be interested to note the number of ticket sales for Gymnastics Disciplines in Sydney:

100% ticket sales for Rhythmic Gymnastics. Trampoline followed with 98.88% and Artistic with 92.21%. During training days for Artistic 82.43% of available tickets (76.000 tickets) were sold. The SuperDome saw 154.000 spectators for Artistic events and 25.000 for Trampoline (two days). Rhythmic attracted 23.000 spectators to the Ross Pavilion.

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A misunderstanding has occurred over what clubs should be paying for their coaches’ fees for this year.

As a result of a meeting on 6 November 2000 between representatives of the BTF and British Gymnastics, it was agreed that existing coaches’ fees would be phased up to British Gymnastics levels by 1 January 2003, with the fee from 1 January 2001 being 25.00. This agreement supercedes the temporary one of the previous year that allowed clubs to only register one coach at Full membership, and all others at Associate member rates.

NCF INSURANCE has been taken out by many clubs and individuals in the past to ensure realistic insurance cover. A cheap rate of 10 was possible if these people went through the governing body. As the governing body is now British Gymnastics, we are attempting to agree a system with them that enables any trampolinist, who feels this insurance is beneficial, to obtain similar benefits. Although a similar insurance cover is available when British Gymnastics membership is paid, there are differences that will cause trampolinists to choose either cover.

Until an arrangement is made with British Gymnastics, any NCF membership payment slip should be made payable to "The British Trampoline Federation Ltd" to enable it to be processed.

The Trampoline Technical Committee hopes these explanations are helpful.


The proposed international match in May, against the Russian Federation, had to be cancelled at the end of March due to the financial restraint placed upon the Russians by their State Sports Committee, who’s intention it is to finance winter sports because of the Winter Olympics in 2002.

This restraint has also had an effect on the Russian entry for both the World Championships and WAGs in Denmark!

This was a bitter blow to our plans to host this major event in 2001; and especially as a warm-up for the forthcoming World Championships in Odense in July, especially as we had funding in place for the event, thanks to the generosity of British Gymnastics, and especially Bunny Warren.

Let us hope that we are more successful with our advanced plans to bring the Canadians to the UK in 2002, in conjunction with a planned World Cup series!


Many congratulations to the following British Gymnastic members who attended the FIG Intercontinental Judges Course held in Bratislava, SVK during the period 26-29 January 2001. Their results were as follows:


Peter Heames – Category II (G)
Claire Thomson – Category III (G)


Mike Phillipson – Category II (VG)
Peter Heames – Category III (P)
Claire Thomson – Category III (P)


Claire Thomson – Category II (VG)
Joanna Morgan (ACRO) - Category II (VG)

EX = excellent VG = very good G = Good P = pass

Judges who attended this course were graded on arrival as having a Category III Brevet (with the exception of those who were seeking a Brevet for the first time). To upgrade to a higher Category was an excellent achievement for those who did so.

This was a high calibre course, as one would expect, with federations sending their top judges. The three disciplines attracted the following entries:


Number of Candidates – 66
Passed – 49 (Cat 1 = 2 Cat II = 8 Cat III = 39)
Failed – 17 (Cat IV = 11 to resit execution)

Double Mini-trampoline:

Number of Candidates – 45
Passed – 39 (Cat 1 = 0 Cat 2 = 15 Cat III = 24)
Failed – 6 (Cat IV = 3 to resit execution)


Number of Candidates – 43
Passed – 35 (Cat 1 = 1 Cat II = 15 Cat III – 19)
Failed – 8 (Cat IV = 6 to resit execution)

NOTE: Results of the International Course held at Lilleshall at the end of March are featured elsewhere in this edition Ed.

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The long awaiting 4 x Countries Senior International Match is scheduled for Saturday 7th April 2001at the Temple Park Centre, South Shields, between teams from GBR FRA GER and DEN.

Provisional Programme

Sat 7thApril

1000-1200 hrs Warm-ups
1300-1800 hrs Competition
1815 hrs Presentation Ceremony

It is hoped that as many people as possible will be able to attend this match on the day to support the British Team and our guests. Entry to the event is free.


These were held on the 31st March 2001 with the following results:

Chair: vacant – next election 2002 for 1 year
Susan Lawton – next election 2002 for 2 years
Mike Phillipson – next election 2003 for 2 years
Martin Laws – next election 2002 for 2 years
Coach Education:
vacant – next election 2002 for 2 years
World Class Liaison:
John Beeton – next election 2003 for 2 years

Elections for the new Chairperson will take place at the first meeting of the TTC and will come from within those that have been elected, and will be elected by the four members of the new TTC. The new Chairperson of the TTC will have a vote, as they were properly elected. However, those that are subsequently co-opted will not have a vote. The post that becomes vacant through election of the chairperson, and the Coach Education post, will be filled by co-option.

The National Squad Director will be invited to attend all meetings of the TTC, as a matter of course, to report on World Class Performance, Squad Training and International Competitions. The NSD does not have a vote. Ed

Articles for inclusion of the June edition of Trampoline News should reach the editor by 21st May 2001


30 MAR-01 APRIL 2001
Peter Heames

There were 13 participants for trampoline, 8 for double-mini trampoline and 13 for tumbling. Many of the tumblers were taking the brevet course for the first time, with three of the trampoline participant’s first timers. All participants had to grapple with the new Code of Points, implemented by the FIG from 1st January 2001. The course was led by Filipe Carvalho POR FIG TC Member, supported by John Beeton GBR FIG TC Member. Assistance was provided by Peter Heames (TRA), Claire Thompson (TUM) and Johanna Morgan (TUM).

The first session on the Thursday evening was concerned with the common elements of the new Code of Points and the relevant Technical Regulations. This got the course of to a good start with many questions being raised and addressed.

Friday was a very demanding day with separate coverage of the Code of Points in relation to each discipline, together with ample opportunity to practice execution, difficulty and synchronisation. Film from a wide range of sources was available, with difficulty up to 16.5 and execution covering the range from 6.5 to 9.8 for international competition routines!

On Saturday, there was opportunity to ask any remaining questions related to the Code of Points, followed by the examinations, which for trampoline, comprised a written test (30 multiple choice questions), 10 routines for execution, 5 for synchronisation, 5 for difficulty (up to 12.7) and 5 for super difficulty (over 12.7). There were similar assessments in the other two disciplines.

The results, as is standard practice, were announced to the participants on Saturday evening, after some three hours of hard work and deliberation by Filipe and John. In trampoline, there were 8 successes, 7 in double mini-trampoline and 5 in tumbling.

All the candidates in trampoline and DMT seemed well prepared on the Code of Points. The main source of failure seemed to be on execution, which is given the greatest weighting. Mention must be made of Elizabeth (Biz) Scales who was the only candidate to pass superior difficulty and Sally Slinger qualifying as a brevet judge for the first time.

As a result of this course and the intercontinental course in January BG now have 11 brevet judges in trampoline, 10 in double mini-trampoline and 8 in tumbling.

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