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Editor: John D Beeton:


John D Beeton

I would like to begin this Editorial by apologising to Peter Heames most profusely for inadvertently omitting his name from the listing of outgoing TTC Members, in the last edition of Trampoline News. This omission is going to cost me dearly – so I am told!

It is with great sadness that I must report the death of one of British Gymnastics longest serving members, Frank Edmunds, who passed away on the 29th April 2001 aged 87 years. Frank was also an Honorary Vice-President of the FIG., and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. An article on Frank appears elsewhere in this issue of Trampoline News.

I am pleased to note the introduction of The National Double Mini-trampoline Finals which are scheduled to be held in Gillingham during the current month, in conjunction with The National Synchronised Finals. Although the entry date for this event has long since passed, I am assured that all members are already aware of the conditions of entry. This is an event long overdue.

The first meeting of the newly elected National Trampoline Technical Committee (NTTC) was held at the end of last month, under the Chairmanship of Bunny Warren. As one can imagine, there were many items for discussion, including the election of a new chairperson; as well as the co-option of a further two members. The following will be recommended to the British Gymnastics Policy Board for verification:

Chairperson: Martin Laws

The following will be recommended to the British Gymnastics Joint Technical Committee for verification:

Coaching Education: to be confirmed

Minute Secretary: to be confirmed



Following the Annual General Meeting of WAGA, the newly appointed Welsh Trampoline Technical Committee consists of

The following members:

Chairman: Stephen Grist

Minutes Secretary: Lisa Edwards

Judge Education: Donna and Stephen Grist

Coach Education: Tony James

Competition Organisers: Sue and Ken Williams

The NTTC wish to offer their congratulations to the above on their election, and look forward to working closely with our friends in Wales Ed.



Martin Laws

The path to developing DMT as a recognised discipline in Great Britain has been full of pit falls and I am certain that the road ahead is just as torturous. However, the difference is that we now have a road instead of a path!

British Gymnastics has, as most of you know, accepted that DMT should be developed and has committed resources to that task. A position on the National Trampoline Technical Committee has been created and work has now commenced on the structure and development of this exciting addition to the trampoline family in Great Britain.

Without the passionate enthusiasm, high skill level and dogged approach of the old BTF DMT working party, and the support of the British Gymnastics National Trampoline Technical Committee, we would not be as far forwards, or as well prepared, as we are today.

New coaching and judging schemes have been created and I must thank those involved for their sterling efforts in producing a good foundation to be built upon.

A survey will be with you shortly to establish who has an interest in DMT and what equipment and resources are around. Following this survey we can set up improved communication channels, hopefully by email, reducing cost and improving speed.

Over time, the DMT sub-committee would like to become aware and familiar with all clubs interested in DMT., and to understand their needs because they will become the future tasks for the sub-committee. I look forward to the challenge ahead.

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Mike Phillipson

FIG International Judges Course:Lilleshall

It would be unfair to say that a good time was had by all because the course was very intense and mentally draining. However, we did have a few laughs on the way. Filipe Carvalho and John Beeton ran a well-structured thorough course in excellent surroundings. All the course candidates were certainly put to the test in what was a very full weekend. A full list of our International Judges is printed below:

Name Category Category Category
John Beeton I* I I
Bruce Craig III
Ian Grant III III
John Morrison IV
Donna Grist III III
Steven Grist IV III
Peter Heames II* III
Martin Laws III III IV
Bill Leach III III
Mike Philipson III* II
Jo Pace IV
Bert Scales III
Biz Scales III*
Sally Slinger IV IV
Claire Thompson III* III II
*= Superior Difficulty Standard

BG Code of Points

All registered competitive clubs were given a copy of the BG Code of Points 2001 which were adapted from the FIG Code, with necessary changes to the rules to suit our own type of competitions. Should clubs or individuals want further copies, these are available from Mike Phillipson priced 1.50.

Judges Uniform

The FIG Judge uniform for international competitions is slightly different from the old FIT Judge uniform. Judges at international events are now asked to wear Navy Blazer, Navy Trousers, White Shirt/Blouse, BG Tie, and Black Shoes.

At the moment, we will not be changing our current competition Judge’s uniform until we have had further discussions with judges. Your opinion on this would be much appreciated.

We are at the moment seeking to revamp our judge badge so

that the judge level is incorporated onto the badge, rather than adding a flash to the old red badge.

National Championships

In National events this year all clubs will be asked to nominate officials in the same way as they do for all other competitions. This has become necessary owing to a number of occasions over the past few years, where there has been little or no choice of judges for a national event, which has made judge selection extremely difficult. Clubs who do not nominate officials will not be allowed to participate in the national Finals.

Video Cameras

Four Digital Video Cameras plus accessories have been purchased this year for use at National Grade 1 and 2 and other major events. This is making the Difficulty Judge’s task much easier; and hopefully, will also lead to the production of good quality judging videos for use on future judging courses.



British Gymnastics and the family of gymnastics world-wide was saddened and shocked to learn of the death of Frank Edmunds on the 29th April 2001, at the age of 87 years.

A former President of British Gymnastics and Vice President of the FIG, Frank was known and loved by all members of the gymnastics family. His knowledge of the sport of gymnastics and wise counsel made him one of the most respected figures in the gymnastics world.

Frank held many positions within British Gymnastics, culminating in the award of the Order of the British Empire in 1974.

A full obituary will appear in the July issue of The Gymnast Magazine.

Our condolences to his wife Joan and his beloved family.


The National Synchronised Finals, scheduled for Gillingham in June, will be held in conjunction with The National DMT Finals.

The format will be similar to that used for the mid season event in Cardiff. Details from Martin Laws <>

Trampoline News is an official TTC publication for British Gymnastics only
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Venue: Jumpers Rebound Centre, Mill Road, Gillingham Kent ME7 1HN

Date: Saturday/Sunday 18/19 August 2001 1000-1800 hrs

Tutors: Martin Laws and Nick Earle

Cost: 100 (candidates must hold current BG membership and BG Club Coach Award)



Sue Lawton

The Competitions Sub-Committee met on Sunday 13th May, when the retiring Chair, Bob Richardson was thanked for all his hard work. Bob Chaired the meeting and initiated a smooth handing over to the new Chair, Sue Lawton.

The new Sub-Committee is made up as follows:

Chair: Sue Lawton
National Competition Secretary: Bill Leach
National Scores Co-ordinator & Co-Competition Grading Officer:
Carol Hardman
National Registration Secretary: Bill Freeman
DMT Liaison Officer & Co-Competition Grading Officer: Donna Grist
National Schools Secretary: Irene Thomson
National Finals Officer: Pam Smith

The National Finals "packs" are now available. Anyone who has not received a pack should contact Pam Smith tele: 01527 517024. Several changes to the "normal" National Finals procedure have had to be made. Team Managers and Coaches are requested to read all literature carefully, in order to prepare the competitors for the changes, prior to the finals.

The Committee were grateful for the amount of feedback received at the conclusion of the Bracknell National Grade 2 event. The competition was run using a "flight" system. This will be used once more at the June Grade 2; and in addressing the major constructive criticism, the committee has decided that the flights will be made larger i.e. 16 to 20 competitors. Thank you to all who worked so hard to accommodate the new system.

Carol Hardman reported that her job was made very difficult by Regions failing to submit Grade 3 and 4 results within seven days of the graded competitions. In future, qualifications will not be accepted by regions failing to send the results postdated.

It has been decided to include DMT in the National Synchro Finals at Gillingham. Donna Grist has been appointed to take on the role of DMT Liaison Officer on the Committee.



This qualification is aimed at judges with experience of all aspects of trampoline judging, as well as basic DMT knowledge. Those qualified will be able to officiate in any capacity, in any British Gymnastics DMT competitions. Further details from Mike Phillipson


4 Nations International 2002

A Division/Home Nation is required to host the 4 x Nations International match due to be held in the United Kingdom in 2002.

This is an annual international team match (Seniors and Youth) between GBR DEN CZE and Rhineland and scheduled to be held in the first weekend in June. Teams comprise of 2-3 officials and 6-8 gymnasts.

Divisional and Home Nation Secretaries wishing to be considered as host, can obtain further information on what is entailed by contacting the editor.



This inaugural event held in Milan on the 5-6 May 01 attracted a number of top gymnasts from clubs in POR FRA ITA and GBR, whilst both BLR and POL decided to enter official teams! Competitions offered ranged from Under 12s to elite men’s and ladies.

Flavio Cannone ITA (41.7/15.1) was the winner of the men’s competition over Dimitri Poliarush BLR (41.1/15.0) and Vladimir Kakorko BLR (40.4/14.8) in second and third place respectively. Andrew Coulter finished in fourth place with a score of 39.3/14.0.

In the ladies competition Tatiana Petrenia BLR (36.6/12.9) took the title over Gorecka POL (36.2/12.0) and Dufau FRA (35.6/12.1).

From all accounts this was a well organised, friendly event, highly recommended for future attendance by British Clubs. My thanks to Claire Thompson for the report. Ed

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