Welcome to the Jumpers Rebound Centre which is the national centre of excellence for the sport of trampolining in Great Britain, and the only purpose built Rebound Centre in the UK.

The centre is the home of the Gillingham Jumpers Trampoline Club who raised the money to build the Centre.



Opening day

The Jumpers Rebound Centre was officially opened
by Olympic sprinter Roger Black (left), in front
of a packed crowd on 16th November 1996.

Inside the main hall

This picture shows the main hall ready for a competition, with the tumble run lifted and the pit covered up. The centre is rarely as quiet and empty as this though!   

Jumpers Rebound Centre into 2011

Jumpers Rebound Centre has come a long way since we opened in 1996 and we have state of the art equipment including new double thickness side pads, extended end decks, and 100mm side mats on every high level trampoline. There really is nowhere in Europe as well equipped.

side pads.jpg

comp scene 1.jpg

For several years Jumpers have hosted the Regional D-G Competitions and with it, encapsulated a great atmosphere amongst the region.    

The Jumpers Rebound Centre is primarily a sporting facility purpose built for trampolining, gymnastics, tumbling and double-mini tramp training.

In addition, the centre also has a research & study zone, an internet suite, conference rooms, and a health suite for osteopathy and sports massage.

To find out more about what the centre has to offer please explore the site.