"Double Mini Tramp (DMT) in the right hands is an explosive and spectacular trampoline discipline, rarely seen in the UK until now. DMT is a cross between the Gymnastics Trampette and the Trampoline.

The DMT has been in Great Britain since its invention by the Nissen organisation, however it was mainly used as a training aid until the mid 80's. During the late 80’s British coaches had started holding a few DMT competitions. However, since there was no recognised coaching scheme in place, the BTF was forced to ban these competitions and promised to develop a coaching scheme.

In the 90’s this ban on DMT competitions abroad was relaxed and we were officially allowed to compete at the World Age Group Games. Towards the end of the 90’s it was decided that this could only continue if a coaching scheme was developed, and a task force was put together to develop the first BTF DMT coach award.

The first pilot course was successfully run on 20/21 November 1999 and later ratified by Central Council for inclusion in the coaching scheme. The integration with British Gymnastics has aided the development further with new coaching and judging schemes agreed for 2001 onwards. Click here for further details of courses or contact Liz Laws liz@trampoline.co.uk or tel 01634 855507.

Already competitors are developing great DMT skill and we have seen many successes at World Age Group level. The former STA throughout the 80's participated actively in DMT at both World and European Championships. The result of this effort culminated in a bronze medal at the European championships in Braga, Portugal in 1987 for Alistair Fogg (Perth Trampoline Club). Bruce Craig also participated in the European Championships (Braga, 1987) and 2 world Championships (Paris, 1986 and Birmingham Alabama 1988. Alison Dando from Lasswade Trampoline Club also had one European Youth Finalist in DMT in 1988 in Deinze, Belgium.

During April 2000 we saw the first ever UK team to compete at the Flanders Cup, Belgium, which is an open international event specifically for DMT. Both Men's and Ladies teams were placed 5th in amongst some stiff competition from other well developed countries. The team of Gary Smith, Matthew Swaffer, Andrew Grist and Dominic Swaffer, Katherine Driscoll, Natalie O'Connor, Lorraine Cave-Brown and Charlotte Luxford under the direction of coaches Nick Earle and Steve Grist and Judges Peter Heames and Martin Laws pave the way for a British National team to be developed. Hopefully we will see British competitors on the European and World podiums soon."
Martin Laws

Since publication of the above article the following milestones have been achieved:
British Gymnastics Double Mini Trampoline coaching syllabus produced - Click here to download
British Gymnastics Double Mini Trampoline judging syllabus produced - Click here to download
1st National Double Mini Trampoline Grade Competition - Cardiff 2001. Click here for results
1st National Double Mini Trampoline Championships - Gillingham 2001. Click here for results

British Gymnastics Double Mini Trampoline Sub Committee
Martin Laws - Chair
Donna Grist - Competitions
Stephen Grist - WAGA and Squads
Nick Earle - Coach Education & Squads
Bruce Craig - SAGA

For any other information on double-mini trampoline please contact Martin Laws:
tel 01634 855507 fax 01634 582351 email martin@trampoline.co.uk
or a quick guide to Double Mini Trampoline click here