Please pass onto all members and other groups and anyone who could be hurt.



We have had yesterday a scam pulled off, which was well rehearsed and probably going to be repeated in the area.


A gentleman calling himself Harvey Richardson phones to plead for a room he can hire, as he has been let down badly and has an art exhibition for two days. I am sure there are many variances that can be used.  He may persuade even companies that donít usually hire out rooms. He books and says he is sending in his presenter straight away and will also pay cash when he comes in.  The presenter a David Thomas then appears within an hour and checks out all the equipment, he come in with a bag.  He comes and goes few times and is very pleasant and chatty.  He asks for presentation equipment like laptops and projectors, agrees any costs or borrows what he needs etc then leaves asking you keep your eye out for the team of people with a van of art bits and the dealer Harvey.  He leaves a coat in the room, strategically placed over equipment and locks the door.


You guessed it, he steals anything worth taking Laptops, projectors etc.


They never return, contacts are useless and no payment is ever made.





If anyone has any information that can assist as in this case they stole a high quality laptop which was bought and used for children with special needs and high performance training at a childrenís club.



 Martin Laws