Controversy reigns! 

A keen eye has now spotted that Irena Kavavaeva (RUS) was over tariffed by 0.2 (got 14.6 did 14.4) in her final routine.  This sets the cat amongst the pigeons as she won the world title by 0.1 over Anna Dogonadze (GER).  The event is over and under the rules nothing can be done. Your intrepid reporter feels for the two ladies who are at the center of such a problem, for them they did their job and now a cloud hangs over. How did the difficulty judges get it so wrong? A lesson for all coaches and performers to check tariffs! How did the superior jury miss it? How did all the audience miss it? Many felt Anna's routine was better, but little did they realise. My sympathies go out to the two ladies concerned, they had thrilled the crowd and now nothing but bitter tastes must be left for them.  Your reporter would call for FIG to at least credit Anna with the World Record for a single routine 40.8.........  We await the outcome.