Update - 11 June 2001 15.30 CET
World Cup Series 2001/02
8/9 June Hannover, Germany
Reigning World Cup Final Champion German Knytchev (RUS) wins the first in the 2001/02 series with defeat over World & Olympic Champion Alexandr Moskalenko (RUS).
Guillaume Bourgeoun (FRA) 3rd.
German Knytchev (RUS)

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World & Olympic Champion Irina Karaveava wins despite only qualifying for final in 8th position. Karaeva scores 40.3/14.4 in final routine to defeat Olena Movchan (UKR) 2nd and Karen Cockburn (CAN) 3rd.
Great Britain's Claire Wright 6th & Kirsten Lawton 7th.

Irina Karavaeva (RUS)

Great Britain Results
Lee Brearley (City of Salford) - 13
Paul Smyth (Edgbarrow) - 17
Mark Alexander (Edgbarrow) - 19
Gary Smith (Jumpers, Gillingham) - 27

Aurora Necco (High Flyers) - 36

Synchronised Trampoline
Alexandr Moskalenko & German Knytchev continue winning streak with 1st position in syncronised final. Great Britain's Paul Smyth & Lee Brearley 8th.
Olena Movchan & Oxana Tsyguleva (UKR) win ladies synchronised final ahead of Anna Doganadze & Tina Ludwig (GER) and Ekaterina Subbocheva & Ludmila Padassenko (BLR). Claire Wright & Kirsten Lawton of Great Britain finish in 4th position.

Final results available click here